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Happy birthday Rebel Wilson! Five of our fave films starring the comedy queen

Today is March 2nd, which marks the 40th birthday of Australian actress Rebel Wilson!

She made her TV acting debut in the series Pizza back in 2003, with a Fat Pizza movie being released in the same year. Since then, she has grown from strength to strength and with a string of successful movie features under her belt, has become one of the most sought after comedy queens in Hollywood.

To celebrate her 40th birthday, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite Rebel Wilson movies which we’ll definitely be binge watching today!

5. Bridesmaids

Released back in 2011, Bridesmaids, a tale of a maid of honour’s series of misfortunes, sees Rebel star as Brynn. Whilst the role is a small one, it marked Rebel’s first appearance in an American production, and was the catalyst for making her a household name in Hollywood.

4. The Hustle

One of Rebel’s most recent films, The Hustle is a female centred remake of the classic hit Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. She stars alongside Anne Hathaway, with the pair taking on the role of con artists who try to fleece an internet millionaire.

3. How To Be Single

How To Be Single is the 2016 rom-com starring Dakota Johnson as Alice, who temporarily dumps her college boyfriend Josh and moves to New York City to be a paralegal. Her and her sister Meg (Leslie Mann) befriend Rebel’s character Robin, who loves partying and one night stands, and encourages them to enjoy single life.

2. The Pitch Perfect Trilogy

Rebel was one of the standout stars from the Pitch Perfect trilogy, with her character Fat Amy becoming a firm fan favourite. The movies focus on the all-female a cappella group Barden Bellas as they embark on their quest for musical glory.

1. Isn’t It Romantic

Released on Netflix in 2019, Isn’t It Romantic is a tongue-in-cheek rom-com with Rebel starring as the film’s lead Natalie. After being knocked unconscious during an attempted mugging, Natalie’s life is turned upside down as she appears to living in a real life rom-com. This hilarious movie is a must watch, and also stars Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine and Priyanka Chopra.

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