Happy Birthday Queen Halsey! Our Top 5 Halsey Songs


It’s time for us to celebrate like no other in honor of our favorite pop singer’s birthday!

On this very special day, our Halsey turns 26 years old!

As a Fuzzable gift made just for Halsey on her day, today let’s reminisce and talk about five of our most favorite Halsey songs of all time…

No. 5 – SUGA’s Interlude

Halsey’s second collaboration with global boy group BTS was on Halsey’s third studio album, Manic.

This masterpiece features both Halsey’s stellar vocals and SUGA’s powerful rap as they tackle the ups and downs of music careers.

No. 4 – 100 Letters

We have 100 Letters as our fourth song!

In this song, she details memories of a toxic relationship by brilliantly integrating the King Midas concept!

No. 3 – Coming Down

Coming Down starts with the sound of a storm, symbolizing the song’s sadness.

One of the slow songs on BADLANDS, Coming Down shows Halsey’s talent as a songwriter. This song talks about “a love like religion” only for it to fall apart.

No. 2 – You Should Be Sad

Halsey’s You Should Be Sad served as her entry into the world of country music on Manic earlier this year. And this song deserves to be in the Number 2 spot in our list!

Here’s one fun fact: Halsey wrote You Should Be Sad on her living room floor on her guitar. She also said that “the most petty and heartbreaking songs all come from country.” We agree!

No. 1 – Nightmare

Of course, this is our first song!

Nightmare is considered as Halsey’s most intense song, with lyrics such as “I’ve been polite, but won’t be caught dead, letting a man tell me what I should do with my bed.” among other lyrics.

Halsey’s live performance of Nightmare is just as intense, usually accompanied by pyrotechnics.

What’s your all-time favourite Halsey song? Let us know over on Twitter @Fuzzable now!

Written by Euni

Hey all! I am Euni, a '97 liner from the Philippines. I love writing, reading, listening to music, and watching TV series! You can talk to me about BTS, Halsey, Of Monsters and Men, and activism any day! ;)

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