Happy birthday, Jimin! 5 Reasons Why We Love ChimChim

Park Jimin is lovable, he’s a person you’ll find difficult to dislike. He is admired by many people, including other artists, and people from the entertainment world in general. People often refer to this “phenomenon” as “The Jimin Effect,” and we at Fuzzable are surely under this effect.

Jimin was born on 13th October in Geumjeong District, Busan, South Korea. Seven years ago, he made debut with BTS and since then, has been garnering attention for his work, words, actions, and his sweet demeanor. His nature of giving back has inspired fans around the world.

The artist makes people fall for his charisma as he is charming both on and off stage. Like what other people say, “once you Jim-in, you cannot Jim-out,” we at Fuzzable can testify on just how true this statement is. And now, we’re calling the attention of ARMY! It’s time for us to get up and celebrate Jimin’s birthday.

To celebrate his 25th birthday, let’s list down five reasons why the ARMY fandom and we at Team Fuzzable love our talented mochi.

1. He Loves His Fans

Jimin and the rest of BTS members have fans around the globe — known as the force named ARMY — and Jimin is known to always shower ARMY with love on stage, during interviews, and in other opportunities that he can find! He calls ARMY his heroes who stayed by his side during dark times and points out how much ARMY’s love means to him. Stan a man who stans you right back!

2. His Delicate Dancing Skills

Jimin is a classically trained versatile dancer. He is also exceptional at portraying emotions using his body. Jimin can narrate a story through his dancing, which easily captivates the eyes of viewers. With movements that are incredibly elegant and smooth, Jimin can be fluid through choreographies. He creates motions that add his own touch to the dance. Jimin also excels at body isolation; he can control parts of his body with a precision that it seems unreal at times, making his movement more detailed.

3. His Angelic Voice

Jimin oftentimes gets a lot of singing parts in BTS’ discography and he has often taken part in singing the high notes. As expected, he never disappoints. He is able to control the tone of his voice and balance notes that he can reach high notes both in fast and slow tempos! Talk about how much of a great singer he is!

4. He Cares for His Fellow Members

Jimin has proved from time to time how he would do anything for the members. He often shows his protective side to the members and supports them in their respective endeavors. He always supports Jin’s humor, always compliments SUGA’s rap and hard-working attitude. Jimin says positive things about J-hope, an example of which is: “He’s such a thankful member that I think if he wasn’t on our team, would our team reach where we are now?” Once, he also recorded a sweet video of him once for RM’s birthday. Through a letter, V explained how Jimin cares for him more than anyone in his life. And of course, he acts as Jungkook’s older brother (hyung). Time and time again, Jimin shows the members just how much they mean to him, and both BTS and ARMYs love him for that.

5. His Strong Charisma

And last but not the least, we love Jimin for his charisma both on and off stage. Jimin is known to have two sides: his powerful and sexy side whenever he performs on stage, and his cute, chill, and soft side that he shows off stage. The duality Jimin has is definitely unbelievable!

From all of us here at @Fuzzable, we wish Park Jimin a very happy birthday. Jiminie, we hope that you enjoy your special day. It’s what you deserve!

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Written by Euni

Hey all! I am Euni, a '97 liner from the Philippines. I love writing, reading, listening to music, and watching TV series! You can talk to me about BTS, Halsey, Of Monsters and Men, and activism any day! ;)

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