Happy Birthday Jeon Jungkook: Our Favourite Jungkook Fashion Moments

Today, Fuzzable celebrates the birthday of BTS’ youngest member Jeon Jungkook!

Jungkook is the South Korean boy group’s main vocalist, center, lead dancer, and sub-rapper. He is called the Golden Maknae for that very reason—despite being the youngest member, he is talented in a lot of aspects! Both BTS and ARMY love him dearly.

But Jungkook, the sweet bean that he is, reciprocates the feeling right back. He finds time to write letters and make songs for ARMY, loves his fellow members dearly and takes care of BTS even though he is the youngest. It’s always endearing to see him share special content for ARMY through his short films, photography, and drawings. 

Our members at Fuzzable are huge fans of BTS, and of course, that includes Jeon Jungkook. We love his music, his Golden Closet Films, his performances, and his charming personality!

When he’s not at his studio working, performing on stage with his fellow BTS members, or playing his favorite games, he’s out there killing it in the fashion world! From airport fashion to stage outfits, Jungkook looks good in every outfit you throw at him.

With fashion styles ranging from cute and simple to elegant and glamorous, Jeon Jungkook is one of our fashion icons! As it is his 23rd birthday, we decided to list down some of our favorite Golden Maknae fashion moments…

Shining in Chanel

BTS 5th Muster definitely gave ARMY some memorable moments. Not only did we get a chance to enjoy live performances of some of ARMY-favourite songs, we also got to see the septet in new styles. One such moment was Jungkook’s experimentation with Chanel. At first glance, it seems like a simple outfit but a close look will help one appreciate the details. His elegant outfit is complemented with a Chanel pin, a studded belt, and diamond-covered cuffs.

And to top it all of, he’s sporting it with ombre hair! If he wasn’t performing on stage he looks like he’s about to walk down the runway. This look definitely made ARMYs watching his performance on the BTS 5th Muster melt like snow.

Cutie Kookie

ARMY can all agree that this look on Jungkook is hard to forget. We won’t say no to a cutie Kookie, especially if he’s wearing this outfit!

This look brought out Jungkook’s cute side, although he’s figuring out how to make it look cool. This look featured on one of Run! BTS episodes, with this particular episode revolving around member’s experimentation with looks created by fellow-members.

He makes the overall-polo-shirt-round-glasses combination look stunning, along with the yellow converse shoes and his forehead exposure. Definitely a thumbs-up from us here on Fuzzable!

Cute yet cool at the same time—it makes us wonder how has he been able to pull off this contrast so well. But we’re definitely not complaining! This makes us want more Jungkook-in-overalls in the future.

Airport Fashion

Do you know that every single piece from this getup sold out after Jungkook showed up at the airport wearing them? Yes, you read that right. Jungkook is the king of layering monochromes, as seen in this outfit.

The color black dominates the whole outfit, but it’s the layering, accessories, and fabrics that make this style a topnotch fashion statement from our golden maknae!

This, maybe, is one of our all-time favorite Jeon Jungkook looks.

Man In Black

What makes this outfit perfect? Is it the leather harness, the chains, the red hair, the silk shirt, the leather pants, or the sheer sleeves? The answer is all of the above! You just can’t pick one element because all of these make up an even sexier Jeon Jungkook. 

This look blew people’s minds away, and for obvious reasons. Attendees of the “Love Yourself” Tour must have melted on the spot. The dark concept for “Fake Love” is a very interesting one, and Jungkook’s harness is *chef’s kiss*.

For the “Fake Love” performance during the tour, Jungkook actually has two harnesses, the other harness is a simpler version, but we’re digging Jungkook’s look with the jeweled harness that lays on top of his chest.

Man In Pastel

This is definitely a look we won’t forget for a long time! At first glance it looks like a simple getup, but if you look closely, it’s full of little details such as embroidered diamonds, silk shirt underneath, his messy hair, and the pastel color!

It’s no secret that Jungkook knows how to carry colours. Be it single colour or a combination of few, with a dab of accessories, and minimal yet attention-grabbing layering, Jungkook is able to make a statement with every style that he choose. In this outfit too, the right amount of pastel blending with white makes the whole look pleasant to eyes.

Long hair + matching pink denim set + flying over the crowd = a happy Jungkook!

Playful Summer Style

We love Jungkook’s summer outfit during “Fire” era! He looks like a young playful teen, which he certainly was back then!

ARMY definitely loved the colors and prints in this outfit, It’s lightweight and fun to look at, different from the usual outfits that Jungkook wears. He looks carefree and vibrant, and the outfit was easy to the eye. Jungkook radiates youthful energy that of course, matches the song “Fire”.

Radiant in White

Let’s be real, Jungkook looks like an angel on earth in this outfit. He has pearls, fringe, heels, ruffles, buckles, and a sheer cape… what more can you ask for from this legendary Jungkook fashion moment?

Aside from looking like an angel, Jungkook also looks like our Disney prince. It’s the stunning sheer cape that adds royalty to his angelic look! 

We love seeing Jungkook explore more angelic and royal looks like this one. White is a color that suits him very well. One look at Jungkook in this outfit makes you temporarily forget that he is the K-pop group’s playful maknae! Hats off to his stylists for this amazing and glorious outfit!

The Iconic Look

Of course, this would be the last item on our list. Jungkook is known for his simple outfits – white shirts, blue jeans, and camel timberlands. The other BTS members often joke about his usual outfit choices.

What’s not to love about Jungkook’s usual getups? The man likes it simple, and he makes it look so sophisticated. Jungkook wears it everywhere – may it be in Korea or in another country. Jungkook rocks every getup he wears, and white shirts and jeans are not an exception! Everyone has a friend who wears the same thing every day, and for BTS, that friend is Jungkook. And we love it!

We wish our good-looking maknae a very happy birthday and hope that he enjoys this marvelous day to the fullest!

Wish Jeon Jungkook a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and let us know your favorite Jungkook fashion moment over @Fuzzable now!

Written by Euni

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