Hanson – Back with a String Theory and a Siren Call

Yes, “MmmBop” was the jam, which catapulted the three brothers from Tulsa to the top of the charts worldwide back in 1997! Of course, this song is still just as catchy as it was 21 years ago, but it was just the start of the band, which was formed by Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson back in 1992.

Since then, the cute teenage boys grew into handsome men, got married, started families of their own, and became their own bosses of their independent record label – 3CG records – back in October 2003!

Alongside their fifth album The Walk, the band decided to make a stand, or to be more precise: To Take The Walk. The campaign was created to change, especially, children’s lives in Africa, which are affected by an HIV/AIDS pandemic and poverty. It all started with not just a step; it started with a one-mile barefoot walk before as many shows as possible across the US and Canada. During this campaign, 67,729 miles had been walked and with each dollar they raised through these miles, these 5 amazing causes were supported. And it is still possible to donate!

  • Buy SMS Credits (Provide access to medical care through secure SMS messaging in partnership with Docvia)
  • Fight AIDS With Music (Provide AIDS treatment and research by supporting HIVSA when you purchase the song “Great Divide”)
  • Donate Shoes (Provide shoes to children in poverty by purchasing TOMS SHOES)
  • Build Schools (Help build a school and provide education to children living in impoverished areas of Africa, with Free The Children)
  • Drill Water Wells (Provide clean water through Blood: Water Mission well projects in Sub-Saharan Africa)

Their own record label gave them the freedom not only to make a stand for a good cause but also, of course, to create and release the music they love and want to share. Thanks to this opportunity, we have been given such beautiful songs like Penny & Me,” “Give A Little,” or “Get The Girl Back.”

To add to that, we were able to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the release of Hanson’s most well- known album so far: Middle Of Nowhere. The tour named “Middle of Everywhere” that let the band travel across 61 countries worldwide.

After a very nice mixed Christmas album in 2017, Hanson is back with all new material! Not just with a new album, String Theory, but also with a new tour. This one is very special because it will not just be the three of them on stage this time.

At this tour, the String Theory symphonic tour, which started on the fourteenth of July 2018 in Columbus, they will share the stage – yes indeed – with an orchestra!

The tickets for the shows in 2019 will be on sale on the second of October 2018. So far, the new tour will get the three brothers back on the road next year, all across America, the UK, and Australia. And some European dates have just been released. However, we are sure the tour schedule is not complete yet!

Of course, there is a new addition to their collection of singles! We got “Siren Call,” which gives us a taste of how Hanson’s sound changes and grows even more, while supported by an orchestra.

It has been over 25 years since Hanson had their big breakthrough and took us all on a rollercoaster ride to experience their journey with them until they became the independent artists they are today and there is definitely much more to come.

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