All writers are required to follow the guide at all times and refer back to it when unsure of what to do before contacting a member of the team for assistance.

Logging In

You can log into our website via Please bookmark this link to make accessing easy. The behind the scenes of Fuzzable is called the Dashboard and is also regularly referred to as Fuzzable Admin.

Your Account and Profile

It is your responsibility to ensure your password is secure and regularly updated. You must not contact an admin account an account issue unless necessary. Your password can be reset and emailed to you by visiting

Inside of your account, you must create your own profile which will be accessible to all on To make changes, visit the Dashboard, click on Users and then Your Profile. There, you must make the following changes

  • Add a first name and last name
  • Change ‘Display name publicly as’ to your name, not a one word username
  • Add social media profiles you use and want to be public
  • Add a sort Bio under Biographical Info (this will be shown under all posts you write)
  • Change your profile picture by visiting and creating an account with the
  • same email address as you used to sign up to Fuzzable with

Accounts without a username, biography and avatar may be removed. Give your profile some love and personality – it’s what people will look at when they read your articles!

Here is what a good quality, filled-out profile looks like.

Creating a Post

You can write a new post by clicking on the +New icon at the top of the dashboard, and selecting Post. Then, add a title and begin writing your post in the big text box.

Starting an Article

You can write a new post by clicking on the +New icon at the top of the dashboard, and selecting Post. Then, add a title and begin writing your post.

Don’t forget to write in full sentences in short paragraphs. Here are some more tips…

  • Don’t add images to the body of your text
  • Add something fun like a YouTube video to enhance your post where possible
  • Remember to ask people to leave a comment or tweet @Fuzzable

Wrapping Up

When you think you’ve mastered your post, be sure to add a category (find it in the sidebar). You can only add ONE CATEGORY PER POST, so choose the most relevant one.

You’ll also need to add some tags (find the tag section in the sidebar). Tags are keywords that relate to your post. The more tags, the better.

Next, you’ll need to add a featured image. Find a good quality image from Google or elsewhere, and upload it by clicking ‘Add featured image’ and dragging it into the uploader.

Make sure your featured image is a press shot or comes from a reliable source. Most professional sources allow for images to be reused for information purposes. Do NOT use copyrighted imagery.


Finally, you need to make sure your new post is SEO-friendly. To do so, scroll down to ‘Yoast SEO’. Pick the main keyword that this post/page is about. If you wrote an article about Rihanna, your keyword is Rihanna. The keyword can be two words, i.e. Lady Gaga, One Direction, but don’t add big phrases.

Meta description: The meta description is often shown as the black text under the title in a search result. Add a description of your post (i.e. ‘Rihanna has dropped her brand new album ANTI.’). This description MUST include your focus keyword.

Your focus keyword must also appear in your article, the article title, the page URL, the content and the meta description.

Once your SEO counter says good and appears green, you’re done!

Submitting your Article

When you’re ready, you can submit your post for review by clicking the big blue button to the right of your new blog post. Then, an admin will check everything over and make sure it’s ready.

Still need help?

If you still need assistance, or want help with something that isn’t featured in this guide, get in touch!

Download a copy

Click here to download a copy of our SEO rules!