Step One – Title and Subtitle

The title of your article should be something short, to the point, and captivating. This is the first thing a reader reads, so get them pulled in!

The subtitle doesn’t have to be long, but like the title, it needs to grip the readers.

With both, always mention the key focal point. In this, it’s ThatcherJoe/Joe Sugg.

With the permalink, it should be between 3 -5 words split by a “-” and sum up the article in those words.l

Step Two – The First Paragraph

The first paragraph is the part of your writing where you need to welcome the reader to your writing. Tell them who or what your piece is about. Almost like a dating profile, you need to give a little information to gain interest, but not too much is given away.

Step Three – Write Freely

Article’s vary, we understand that! But make sure you include media where you can, and a great article should have 300 words or more.

You must (apart from your monthly blog post) always refer to yourself as Fuzzable and other 3rd person nouns. For Example, in a film review instead of saying I loved the film, I’d recommend it if you enjoy comedy it should be, we enjoyed the film, we’d recommend it if you enjoy comedy.

We promote a website full of positivity and love. Our team have worked hard to keep our content to be relatable to everyone. Although you have the freedom to post freely, we do NOT tolerate the following;

  • Homophobic, racist or any other form of discriminating nature
  • Mentions of violence or weapons of any form
  • Political topics
  • Threats or comments about subjects that could be seen as derogatory.

Please make sure your content does not include any of the above.

Step Four – Include social media and links

Adding links and social media links makes everything so much easier for our readers. See picture below to help you out.

At the end of your article including a link to our Twitter @Fuzzable by letting the reader know they can find more content of this type is what we always try to do. Don’t include your own social media handles unless it’s your monthly blog post.



You can download a copy of these rules here.