Guide To The Gray/Blue Cat Breed

Cat lovers typically tend to lean towards a specific color or breed of feline. Still, almost all agree that there is something special about a cat whose coat consists of merely one color, especially the gray kitties.

These are not quite like the majestic black beauties. Still, a smoky (also often referred to as blue) unusual shade different from the typical tabby to which many have become accustomed is among the most well-loved. 

There are a group of these breeds set aside for the mesmerizing varying, gray-toned creatures. You can check them out at along with all kinds for which you might have a fondness. You don’t have to pick just one when it comes to cats. It’s always nice to get two (maybe three) in different colors, sizes, shapes, and unique types.

Marvel At The Magnificent Gray Cat

Some cats are unique unto themselves merely because you don’t see many quite like them. One of these is the gray or blue cat. Usually, you’ll see a tabby with stripes or markings of some sort, but there’s something about a feline colored entirely in charcoal. Let’s look at a few of these lovely kitties.

  • The French Blue Cat Known As The Chartreux:  The kitty is historically from France as one of only three breeds owning a dense, entirely solid-colored coat with a wooly texture. 

The indication is the coat is solid all the way to the roots, but the coat breaks as a sheep’s wool does, needing routine grooming to keep the dead hair at bay.

The feline is naturally curious, often investigating what’s happening in her space. The cat can be quite active and wants to bond closely with her pet parents. View to learn if coloring affects a kitty’s personality. 

  • The Native Of Thailand Korat: The next of the three with a whole coat in the beautiful solid color of “blue,” considered good luck. The feeling in her earlier ancestry was that the fur was reminiscent of a thunderous sky, and the people would use the animals for rainmaking ceremonies, walking the animal around in the fields for encouragement from the clouds.

The kitty had the highest esteem from the Thai people who would give the kitten as a symbol of good luck. The cat possesses a muscular, athletic body with a pale shade to the root and the head consisting of a “series of heart shapes,” which you can also see in the chest area.

The cat seeks a close bond with her pet parents, often speaking and socializing, not only with her parents but other people who might come and go. The animal is not apprehensive around strangers.

  • Czars / Czarinas Preferred The Russian Blue: The final of the three only consisting of a solid blue color, the Russian Blue has a double coat dense in nature. 

The first layer is a beautiful bluish tone ending in silver tips that “shimmer,” with hairs that are straight in nature. There is a “guard” coat comprising crimped, fine fur, keeping the straight hairs separated. 

The kitty is quiet, rarely speaking, but she’s active with a fun, playful, and intelligent nature. She maintains a tight bond with her parents but is cautious with other people.

These are the three kittens with solid gray (or blue coloring). There are other members of the blue family with variant shades of the color throughout their fur instead of consisting of one primary tone. It shows how unusual the animal is and why pet parents love them so much.

Gray is not the only unusual solid coloring that gets attention, though. Any color consistent in tone is an attraction for pet parents. An all chocolate-brown cat is exceptionally rare and extraordinarily beautiful, as is an entirely black cat.

These are genuinely incredible and actually more challenging to find than the gray feline. Generally, with a black kitty, you will find even the slightest of white hairs somewhere instead of being consistent throughout.

Some people have a problem with the poor black kitty. Claims indicate that shelters hold a majority of black cats because of vast unfortunate and ill-placed superstitions regarding the cat being bad luck. An animal can’t dictate your destiny. And it’s sad for people to hold faith of that sort.

Written by Monella

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