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5 Reasons You Should Be Watching Bon Appetit’s “Gourmet Makes”

Bon Appetit, the esteemed food magazine and YouTube channel, hosts a variety of food-related content, but one of our favorite series they offer is “Gourmet Makes.” This series sees pastry chef Claire Saffitz recreating classic snack foods, ranging from Cheetos to Oreos to Snowballs, in a way that makes food both accessible and relatable.

As an example of the series, watch the latest episode here:

The following five reasons are why we adore the series, and why you should too:

5. The Recipes

At the end of each episode, Claire gives a final recipe on how you can make the recreated food at home. This part is very interesting as we grow up seeing and eating these classic foods (such as Oreos), but now we also know how to make them at home – and we can trust that Claire has developed a genuinely delicious recipe.

4. The Knowledge

Each episode is packed with new information. They are extremely entertaining, but you also learn a ton with each one you watch. You learn about fascinating kitchen gadgets you may not have at home (dehydrators, for example), on top of how ingredients react with each other and everything else in-between! If you love food and cooking, this series is a great way to learn!

3. The Ingredients

One iconic segment in each episode is Claire’s listing of the ingredients in that episode’s food. It’s both comical and shines a true light on all of the random ingredients in prepackaged food. Hearing her listing and then watching her recreate the foods with half the ingredients is satisfying to boot!

2. The Process

Potentially the best part of the series is the trial-and-error process in each episode. Claire goes through a bunch of trials in every episode of “Gourmet Makes” to get to her end product, and it is both inspiration and educational. She never truly gives up, and you learn a lot while watching her adjust and adapt as she moves forward.

1. Claire

“Gourmet Makes” wouldn’t be what it is and wouldn’t be wildly popular as it is without Claire Saffitz. Her personality and spirit bring to the table something unique and special, and it adds the extra pizzazz that makes this YouTube series stand out from every other food-related series on the platform.

Hopefully these reasons have you convinced you to check out Claire and her “Gourmet Makes.” The series can be found on the Bon Appetit YouTube channel here. Bon Appetit can also be found @bonappetitmag on Instagram here, while Claire can be found on Instagram @csaffitz here.

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