Gold Complex release their single “Homegirl”

With 8 members, each of whom brings a different colour to the band, Gold Complex is synonymous to “variety”. Comprising of Will Bowes (Vocals), Andrew Dawson (Guitar), Blake Day (Keys), Graeme Wallace (Sax), Nebyu Yohannes (Trombone), Max Forster (Trumpet), Henry Wynberg (Drums), Dan Minchom (Bass), Gold Complex is a Toronto-based group who are highly popular for their live performances.

There shouldn’t be a doubt about it. The vocal prowess and lyrical sensibility were already made evident when we listened to Will Bowes’ song “Mad at the World”.

Now, the octet has released its powerful single “Homegirl”. Exploring the initial stages of a relationship, the single has a coquettish vibe. With this song, the 8-Piece band takes alternative R&B to a new level with this sexy, energetic track.

A perfect blend of pop and R&B, “Homegirl” gives one a rich experience of both the genres. The song begins with a steady note but soon, we see a transition in tone and even find ourselves dancing to the track. The composition is lively but it must not be mistaken to a conventional pop love song. Instead, both the protagonists are active and have control over their part in the single, which makes narrative stimulating.

The song is part of their debut album “New Soul” which was released on 22nd February. Its sound is defined by rich vocal harmonies, a smooth 3 piece horn section, irresistibly catchy melodies and a relentlessly tight groove. By recording most of the album live-off-the-floor, and through meticulous production, Gold Complex have created an ultra-polished studio record with all of the explosive energy of their live show. New Soul is about love, lyrically and musically, in all of its shapes and sizes.

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