Getting married? Check out these bridal jewellery tips

Your bridal jewellery is going to be some of the most sentimental, personal, emotional, pieces that you’ll ever choose. Your big day is going to be brimming with happiness, and you’re going to want to feel as amazingly gorgeous as possible when you’re floating down that aisle. Finding the perfect pieces for your wedding day ensemble can seem like a bit of daunting task, those pictures are going to be around forever after all. You want to find jewellery that feels you but you don’t want to overshadow the dress. You want something classic, but nothing too boring. It piles up on you after you give it some thought! If you’re on the hunt for your perfect wedding day adornments, read on to discover exactly what not to do on your search:

Don’t ignore your dress!

Your dress is going to be the centre of attention, so it’s important to find jewellery that compliments it perfectly. Be absolutely sure that you choose your dress before you find your accessories, otherwise, you risk looking mismatched on your special day.

If your dress is delicate chiffon, be sure to drape yourself in dainty chains and diamonds that perfectly compliment the dreamy form. Maybe you’ll be wearing something more contemporary? Find some clean, minimalistic pieces that pair perfectly with your modern get up.

Don’t get caught up in trends

Weddings are the perfect opportunity for a social media spiral, pretty much every day of the week. There are endless pages, pictures, boards and videos that serve major inspiration for every modern bride. Although these are great, always be wary that they tend to be trend-driven. Trending pieces are helpful for inspo but try to steer clear of investing in trend jewellery for your special day. You want to look classic and to feel like the best version of yourself, so be sure to opt for adornments that feel completely you.

Avoid mixing metals

This isn’t a strict rule, however, it’s a good idea to select your favourite metal and stick with it. Although a blended ensemble of shimmering silver, gold and warmer rose tones undoubtedly looks fantastic, it’s better to find your most complimentary tone for your wedding day. If you’re cool-toned, silver and white gold will make you shine, if you’re warmer lean towards yellow gold and copper!

Don’t settle

Shopping for the perfect pieces to wear on your perfect day can get frustrating pretty quickly, but try not to stress. When you start to get worn down, avoid settling for less than you wanted. In this day and age, shopping isn’t confined to the physical store. So always keep in mind that you have a whole world of online options to turn to when your process is beginning to look a little bleak. You deserve to find brilliant jewellery that makes you feel more beautiful than you ever have on your special day – don’t settle for anything less!

Avoid going matchy-matchy

Your bridesmaids’ attire has been picked by you, and you probably love how the whole wedding’s aesthetic is coming together. However, it’s very important to steer clear of blending in with the bridal party. Try and choose entirely different jewellery for you and your nearest and dearest, for example, if they’re wearing silver, opt for rose gold. You’re the centre of attention on your day and you want to stand out in every photo and moment possible, enjoy it and don’t fade into the bridal crowd!

By following these don’ts of bridal jewellery shopping, you can be sure that you’ll find yourself the most astonishingly stunning pieces to make you radiate that little bit brighter on your wedding day. 

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