Get the best business class seats on Cathay Pacific


>Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 777–300ER<

Nowadays, the Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 777–300ER airplanes are progressively becoming the central figure of the airline’s company because its elder Jumbo 747S are in retirement.

You’ll find them on many connections from Hong Kong, especially to European destinations.

>11-A & 11-K<: They are the first on the airplane. Actually, you can get a little of nonstop movement directing to the front restroom, but still, you will not be disturbed much because of the Cathay’s cool Business Class Seats.

>11-D & 11-G<: When you travel with a partner (you are going to spend time with the conversation), you would prefer to sit in the center pair seats. They are far away from the airplane engines, and your conversation will not be disturbed.

>21-K<: It is a separate one, with the respectable cushion from the cook-galley ahead of it.

>Rows 15 – 17<: They situated in the middle of the major cabin and are far away from any possible inconvenience of the airplane (kitchen, restroom, engine, etc.).

>Cathay Pacific Airbus A–330<  

>15-A & 15-K<: These seats are situated in the middle of the major cabin, what will be great for those who prefer to sleep during the flight. They are far from restrooms, engine, and galleys. Also, they have a cool window view.

>Others seats near the window, for single travelers<: As Cathay Pacific’s Business Class comes in a 1-2-1 disposition, everyone has his/her own place and access to the passageway. That is why if you travel alone, it will be better to take this seat and enjoy a window views.

>Special seats for the couple<: This Cathay Pacific’s Airbus A–330 gives you the opportunity not just to sit together in the center, but you can also move your chair ahead to converse or Clink Glasses through a special screen that is placed between the seats.

>19-A<: This seat is placed far away from others. You will not be disturbed with any possible inconveniences, such as engine, restrooms, kitchen, etc. You can even feel some privacy while travelling on this seat.

>Cathay Pacific Airbus A–350<

In a case, if you have already travelled in Business Class on “Cathay Pacific’s Airbus A–330s” or “Boeing–777s” from Australia, you will see a lot of similarities with the new “A–350s”.

>D&G seats – special for couples<: These are central seats for couples. They are very convenient both for friends or families and business partners. If you want to communicate during the flight, you can just move your seat in front of your couple and have a good time.

>12-A & 12-K are for parents<: These seats are situated at the front of the major cabin and offer Full Baby Bassinet Facilities, and moreover, they are close to the restroom. That is why you will always be close to your children. But still, the kitchen is also close.

>15-17-A & K are for single travelers<: In a case, if you want to travel alone, these seats are right for you. You can spend your flight time sleeping or enjoying the window views. By the way, these seats are far away from different inconveniences, such as engine, restrooms, kitchen, etc.

>21-A are for solitude<: These seats are situated at the very back of Business Class on the left side, and you will be passed just by the crew and one more traveler from the seat 21-D during the journey. Also, the bathroom is on the opposite side, and you will not be disturbed.

So, we provided you with the best business class seats on “Cathay Pacific Airbuses A–330”, “A–350”, and “Boeing–777”. And now you can choose the most suitable seat for you.

Written by MonLex

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