How to Get Over Your First Heartbreak

Your first love is always the hardest to get through whatever the circumstances. Heartbreak can feel like the end of the world and it can feel like you have no clue how to get through this.Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve written this guide to give you some tips on how to get through this.


Don’t blame yourself any longer.

It’s natural for us to think that we could of done something different and better. The what-ifs always creep in no matter what, and that’s natural. But the first step to getting through this is to stop blaming you. No one can go back in time, so you won’t ever know. It may even help to look at their faults. It’s easier to get through if you look back and point your ex’s fauls out.

Quality time with friends and family.

Heartbreak hurts more when your alone with your thoughts. Fill your diary up with distractions. Maybe spend the afternoon with your nan baking, go shopping with your best friends, a bike ride with your family. These things will all help keep you distracted and give you a fresh mindset to go forward.

Make yourself feel great.

The best way to stop feeling like your not good enough is to make yourself feel great. Get a hair cut, put your best outfit on- the outfit that makes you feel sexier then ever, do your makeup extra on point, have a night where you look after yourself first and pamper yourself silly. Think of this as the heartbreak holiday you need.


Perrie got over Zayn, Katy got over Russell, and Joe Jonas got over Taylor. All these artists wrote about how they learnt to be independant. Blast breakup anthems out as loud as you can, and sing your heart out. Your as strong as Perrie, Katy and Joe, so use their super powers to make you feel strong again.

Look at other’s perfections.

Okay, we don’t reccomend the advice get over someone by getting under someone new. We wouldn’t advise to sleep around, but what is the harm in finding a flirt buddy? Someone who will tell you how awesome you are. Or even better indulge in plenty of your celebrity crushes. Set your celeb crush’s latest Instagram photo as your wallpaper and see their perfections.


It is okay to feel low. It’s a whole new routine for you, it’s bound to feel empty or lonely. But just because your single, it doesn’t mean your not loved. Your friends family and Fuzzable are all here for you. Open up, and let everything you feel out. In time you’ll be able to thank your ex for the memories but be happier without them. We promise.

Remember if you ever need anyone to offload on, Fuzzable are always here. You can messgae us any time on Twitter, @Fuzzable. 

Written by Niki

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