Get Maximum Benefits From your Business Leisure Travels

For business travelers worldwide, work trips are generally about travelling, working their way through the maze of corridors in hotels, attending meeting and conferences, and coming home tried. If you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again then it’s time to take a look at bleisure trips — wherein you can combine your business trip with pleasure. The word bleisure is making a buzz in business circles and is being added to the vocabulary of managers and executives alike. 

Read on to know more about business trips that are being combined with leisure to make for better work life balance of employees. 

The Idea Behind Bleisure Trips

Contrary to those travelling for work earlier on, millennials are known to mix some elements of leisure activities with their business trips. Joy Bray from Chi Chi LLC ( says that although business leisure trips are rising in popularity, it is still important to discuss your plans with your boss before your trip. This is possible for one and all. After all you are not expected to be on the alert for an office call or meeting across the day and night. No office wants you to work 24/7 when you are stationed in the same place as your residence. So, why should things change when you are at an outstation destination for business purposes?

Permission for Leisure = Happier Employees

As per surveys and research studies, when business leaders and organizational managers grant permission for business cum leisure trips, in effect, they nurture the grounds for more productive and happier employees. Once they return from their trips, these employees are found to be refreshed and more energetic at work. Given this, the current norm is that progressive organizations no longer take business trips combined with leisure activities adversely. 

This in turn leaves a grey area for exploration. For instance, if there isn’t any mention of adding free or personal time to your next business travel, you may put in a request to the concerned authority to understand the possibilities of bleisure. In case there’s any concern or resistance from the end of the approving authority, just address the question of who’ll foot the bills for the extra day on the business trip. In all probability, this should settle the issue on hand and get you the nod you seek. 

Grant of Request

There are plentiful organizations that would not mind ignoring this aspect of cost of travel and accommodation. They would try to work out the difference in cost for weekend travel and the cost of booking extra days at the hotel. If the difference in costs is not too concerning, the request will be granted without any issue. 

Way Forward

Overall, bleisure is mainly about perception. Make the most out of the opportunity of finishing your work as well as going to a new place (with primary focus on your business goals). If you can gain the trust of your boss by performing well and in time, then he or she would be more than happy to let you vacation at the company’s cost. 

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