Why taking a ‘Gap Year’ is a good idea before starting college.

As teenagers, we often feel the need to live up to everyone’s expectations after graduating high school. And yes, we mean EVERYONE. It could be your teachers, friends, batch mates, especially your family. This pressure sometimes lead us into making the wrong decisions in life, particularly when it comes to college.

Choosing the path you’re going to take starting from then on may be considered as the most crucial part of the process. You choose a certain degree and you either end up being successful in life or, worst case scenario, end up hating life.

For the stronger ones, whether academically or physically, they may have the capacity to choose a path without a single doubt. Only because these people have spent so much time planning ahead, which is a great thing. But, let’s be honest, not everyone is gifted with a mind like Einstein or stamina and strength like Usain Bolt. Everyone has their own unique talent and capabilities and we strongly believe in that. Hence, why it’s okay if you’re not ready to tackle on the adult world just yet. Everyone grows up in their own pace and time, you just have to believe in yourself.

Ever heard of a ‘gap year’? If you’re unsure what that is, don’t fret because we are here to help you understand it (to the best of our abilities, of course).

A gap year is a break which a high school graduate takes before moving on to college life. It usually lasts a year before the person decides to finally pursue a college degree. In some circumstances, graduates take more years to decide upon their choices.

Now, should you or should you not take a gap year? The answer is entirely up to you.

For most people who choose to, they try to discover themselves during the break. Others look for jobs that interests them to consider which profession they would desire to pursue in the future. Those experiences does not only help them recognise themselves but also increase their chances of being admitted into universities.

While for many, they take a year off to reflect on their college institution or university choices. We know that you also have that one school you would want to attend. But, doesn’t mean that you should close the door to other options. Sometimes, students attend their dream schools and realise further on in their studies that they could’ve attended another school that caters their course much more efficiently. Although they were happy they srudied in their college choice, they weren’t fulfilled with their experiences career-wise.

Word of advice: don’t rush coming up with decisions. Put into mind your talent, capabilities, passion, personality, future plans and most importantly, happiness. You may either seek a freelance job first or just take the time off and relax for a bit. Or if you’ve spent time planning ahead just like the others, then go for it! There’s nothing too big or too small in achieving your dreams. Just remember, there’s a proper time for everything.

Have you had your fair share of experiences before college? Let us know, we’d love to hear your stories! You can check us out @Fuzzable and share with us your thoughts.

Written by Maica

I'm Maica, based in Asia. I write content on basically everything. On the other hand, I'm also a huge music enthusiast. I also have a side passion for aviation and photography.

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