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Here are Fuzzable, we want to incorporate gaming more across our platform which is why we are now bringing you The Gaming Lounge! The Gaming Lounge is a place where some of our writers talk about all things gaming from their favourite games, upcoming releases and much more! This article is dedicated to Nier:Automata!

“Nier:Automata” is another incredible game from the guys over at Square Enix! Who you may know for the incredibly popular series Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts! Although Nier:Automata is a darker game it still has all of the things we’ve come to expect from a Square property!

Nier:Automata follows a world in which civilization has moved to the moon after the Earth has become uninhabitable for humans. The game is set during a war for the Earth between alien made machines and the androids. We follow our main character, combat android 2B and her companion a scanner model, 9S as they take on the machines to try and save what is left of the Earth.

The plot of Nier:Automata is incredibly intricate and beautiful as well as very emotionally heavy so just be prepared for that. There are so many twists and turns that you just don’t see coming, so many characters that you will absolute fall in love with and a very sympathetic villain. Now, when you are playing Nier:Automata, to complete the entire story it requires three full play throughs. The first two focus solely on 2B and 9S with the war and them stopping the main villain whereas play through number 3 dives deeper into the characters we’ve come to follow along the way as well as the aftermath of the war. Then, when you have complete it the three times, you have the option to go and redo the ending scene of play through number 3 so that you can get the fourth ending. It does sound a little big confusing and it can be in some parts but it is absolutely worth the play.

The game play and combat throughout the game are absolutely incredible. The whole thing plays so smoothly and you will love the amount of weapons you can collect and how each one of them is different in fighting style. Also, be on the lookout because somewhere in the game is Noctis’ Engine Blade from Final Fantasy XV, so, if you are a Final Fantasy fan, you won’t want to miss that! There are also so many side quests you can do as well as going on your own quests to find all of the different types of enemies, weapons and leveling them up too!

Overall, Nier:Automata is truly one of the most beautiful, emotionally challenging games that Square has produced and you really, really do not want to miss out!

Did we mention that at one point? You can literally kill the end credits if you want to. Now, tell us you’re not intrigued!

Check out the launch trailer below!


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