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The Gaming Lounge is a place for gaming enthusiasts where our writers talk about all things gaming from their favourite games, upcoming releases and much more! This article is dedicated to Kingdom Hearts.

“Kingdom Hearts” is a JRPG created and produced by the popular gaming company: Square Enix. You may know them for their very popular JRPG series “Final Fantasy” which has continued to take the entire world by storm especially with the “Final Fantasy VII remake” hitting shelves soon. But, this article is about a series that started back in 2002 – “Kingdom Hearts.”

“Kingdom Hearts” follows a lot of different stories and characters throughout the series but here we are just focusing on the first game. Keep a lookout for the other big games in the series to make an appearance here!

But, in the original game, we follow our main character Sora who lives a pretty normal life with his family and his two best friends Riku and Kairi until one day, he gains something called a keyblade and is set on a massive adventure across different worlds to find his missing friends.

The game is set mostly across a vast number of Disney worlds including Wonderland, Neverland, Atlantica and many others. So along with Sora and his friends, you also get to interact with so many of your favourite Disney characters too which just gives the game an extra layer of warmth whilst you’re playing through it. Not only are there Disney characters along the way but if you’re a “Final Fantasy” fan,  you’re in for a treat too as so many of your favourites including Cloud, Aerith, Squall, Cid and so many more make their appearance!

The plot of the whole of Kingdom Hearts can be confusing at times with its many characters, twists and turns, a lot of it is actually offers a path of self-discovery. Sora goes on such a journey, not just to find his friends or make new friends but on who he is. The game is as much as self-discovery, love and friendship than it is about fighting villains and getting his home back which is why it is so loved and so special to so many people around the world.

Also, you get to fight people with a giant key.

Overall, “Kingdom Hearts” is an incredible, beautiful game that captured so many hearts and is such a solid start to what is truly an incredible series. If you haven’t started playing it yet, what are you waiting for? There are ten games with your name just, just waiting for you to join in. So, go ahead! If you’re put off by the fact it’s a PS2 game, don’t be because now you can experience it in all its glory on the latest generation of consoles!

Check out the launch trailer for the re-release below!

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