Gaming Lounge: Here’s your guide to “Birth By Sleep”!

Here at Fuzzable, we love gaming which is why we are now bringing you The Gaming Lounge! The Gaming Lounge is a place where we talk about all things gaming from our favourite games to upcoming releases and much more! This edition we are focusing on another Kingdom Hearts entry: Birth By Sleep!

“Kingdom Hearts” is one of the most popular series in the JRPG genre. Spanning over ten games and millions of fans, it’s a household name in the gaming community.

“Kingdom Hearts” follows a number of different characters over its games. It’s mostly known for the main character, Sora and his friends Riku and Kairi as well as the number of Disney and “Final Fantasy” characters that we meet along the way. But this entry is going to be about one of the spin off games in the series, the 2011 PSP game, Birth By Sleep.

Now, Birth By Sleep is known as being a favourite among the fans. Featuring three different story lines that you can play through, following our three main characters; Aqua, Terra and Ventus or “the wayfinder trio” who are three best friends working to be keyblade masters. But, when Master Xhaenort gets involved, disaster strikes the trio and things get emotional from there.

Although, it is arguably one of the most emotional and in some points devastating games in the series, it still has the charm of a “Kingdom Hearts” game between its relatable characters and its journey through different Disney Worlds including “Cinderella”, “Sleeping Beauty” and even “Lilo & Stitch”. The game guarantees to make you laugh, cry and have a lot of fun along the way.

Even though it does have three separate story lines, each one has its own twists, turns and emotional impact along with its own battles, characters and favourite moments. Although Birth By Sleep is actually a prequel to the main Kingdom Hearts game, people normally suggest it to be played after Kingdom Hearts 2 to get the full impact and all of those extra feels when running into familiar characters along the way!

It’s known that the “Kingdom Hearts” story line is very expansive and sometimes confusing. And, when it first came out, Birth By Sleep definitely added to that confusion but now people love seeing how things in this world they’ve grown to love started out and how these stories link to those of our original heroes! It even tells the story of how Sora and Riku can both wield keyblades, it’s honestly such an incredible game that is so well-loved by the fans!

Overall, Birth By Sleep is an incredible addition to this beloved series and is definitely worth a shot! If you haven’t played it or any of the games yet, they’re available for the PS4 and the Xbox One now!

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