Gaming Lounge: Final Fantasy VII

Here are Fuzzable, we love gaming which is why we are now bringing you The Gaming Lounge! The Gaming Lounge is a place where we talk about all things gaming from our favourite games to upcoming releases and much more! This edition we are focusing on the classic: Final Fantasy VII (The Original)!

“Final Fantasy VII” we can fairly say, revolutionised the Japanese role-playing game genre.

This game, released way back in 1997, still stands the test of time as one of the most popular JRPG’s of all time from one of the most popular gaming series in the world. Where Final Fantasy VII does have some very dark moments and themes, there is still so much beauty, fun characters and lovable story in there too.

Final Fantasy takes place in a very industrial world called Gaia where there’s the Lifestream which gives life to everything and has a processed form called Mako. And, throughout the game, the evil company called Shinra is draining Gaia’s resources of the Lifestream which is threatening the planet existence. Then there’s a group called Avalanche trying to save the planet and defeat Shinra to do this.

The plot of the game is so intricate and there are just so many layers there. Our main character, Cloud Strife tells us he’s an Ex 1st Class Soldier and he starts to work with Avalanche and meets Aerith and wants to protect her and he’s knows Tifa from when they were kids and he wants to find our main antagonist, Sephiroth because he’s looked up to him a lot of his life but, things are not quite all as they seem as throughout the game, Cloud gets these headaches which turn into his memories and it all gets very heartbreaking very quickly towards the end of the game so be prepared for that. But, throughout the whole of Final Fantasy VII we come across so many different characters that we fall in love with and so many different abilities and storylines that it’s hard to not just fall completely in love with it especially with the remake heading our way in April.

The combat in the original FFVII isn’t for everyone though. It is a turn-based battle system that has random battles throughout the entire game which some people don’t like but this game revolutionised the turn-based battle system. It can be annoying especially when you’re waiting for your turn and you’re low on health and you have to give up your turn to give yourself a potion but in the remake, the turn-based battle system is out so if you do want to delve into the world but are not a fan of the turn-based battle system, the remake is coming soon!

Overall, Final Fantasy VII is such an important game in gaming history and so many people love it for good reason. It’s so beautiful and there is just so much to fall in love with so, you should definitely give it a go!

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