Fuzzmas Advent Awards – Day Three

Welcome to the Fuzzmas Advent Awards, a series running every day throughout December celebrating all our favourite things from 2018. Today we’re counting down the top 10 of our favourite Instagram Pets.

Instagram has over 1 billion users on its platform and while it’s hard to determine how many pets have their own profile, we can safely say that they’re all absolutely adorable. However, if you’re having trouble trying to determine which ones deserve your follow and worship, we’re here with a list of 10 Instagram pets that you won’t be able to resist!

10. Mochi (and his frog toy)

The best relationship we can use to compare the relationship between Mochi and his frog toy is Loki and Hulk in the first Avengers movie. This cat is just completely done with the toy, and it’s utterly hilarious to watch them interact. Take note of the burning hatred in Mochi’s eyes. They are only able to set aside their differences during nap time.

9. Norbert

Norbert is quite possibly the world’s tiniest therapy dog. He differs from other therapy dogs because his strategy to make people feel better is giving them a high five, and it always works. But let’s face it- he weighs 3 pounds and has his tongue sticking out, so just being in his presence is enough to bring anyone joy.

8. MacGyver

MacGyver the lizard is not quite the type of lizard you’re used to seeing. And he’s here to break the stereotypes and prove that reptiles are small, green, and cold-blooded (the last one was figuratively speaking). He’s all about sharing the love- his three favourite things are kisses, cuddles, and food (lots of food).

7. Hamlet

She’s the funkiest pig on the block. Male pigs want to be with her, and female pigs want to be her. But Hamlet is more than just a pretty snout- she’s a therapy animal and is trained to keep her mom (who suffers from seizures) safe. And as a reward, she gets to live her most spoiled life.

6. Albert


Albert just screams A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E. His scowl is his signature feature, and looking directly into his eyes makes you think you’ve done him wrong. Although he does try to keep this act up, his owners have spilled the beans and said that he’s actually a sweetheart. He may just be a bit mad since he’s a rejected show-cat though. The injustice!

5. Diddy & Yeti Kong

If you look up “best friends” in the dictionary, you’ll probably see a picture of Diddy and Yeti. These adorable little fellas are inseparable, according to their mom. Diddy was rescued after his mother and siblings died, and Yeti came along to keep him company. Needless to say, the two struck up a friendship and have been at each other’s side ever since.

4. Zammy

If you ever see a white cloud of fluff coming towards you, you’re most likely about to meet Zammy. This happy sheepadoodle (Old English sheepdog + poodle mix) spends a lot of his time as a therapy dog who works with kids. This ball of fluff is a gentle giant with the children he meets.

3. Rexie

In times like these we should all take a moment to be grateful about Instagram, because without it we would never know about the living emoji cat- Rexie. This fab feline is the master when it comes to silly faces, and that unique skill is how he captured our hearts.

2. Juniper, Fig, and Moose

And obviously, we couldn’t possibly make a list of our favourite Instagram pets without the sass queen herself- Juniper. Following Juniper will surely make you think twice before buying that fur jacket, since she was a fur farm rescue. She shares her home with all sorts of animal species, but her favourite are Fig (another fox) and Moose (a dog, better known as her boyfriend). Besides the occasional snuggles and treats, Juniper and Fig have another big mission- to spread awareness about pet foxes. These animals do not make good pets because of their needs and their wild nature. For more information, follow Juniper and Fig, they’ll do all the explaining.

1. Scooty

“Just one smile, immensely increases the beauty, of the universe”- Sri Chinmoy.

If that’s the case, than it’s safe to say that Scooty has made it her life’s mission to make our universe the most beautiful place it can be. Which is exactly why this little bundle of joy is our top pick for “Cute Pet Of The Year”. And this doggie has had a lot to smile about since the day she was rescued off the streets of Mexico, where she unfortunately got hit by a car and was left with unrepairable damage in her back legs. However, that doesn’t slow her down one bit when she’s running on her favourite beaches.

Scooty is the embodiment of sunshine, and we guarantee you that adding this handicapable girl to your feed will lighten up your mood whenever you’re scrolling through Instagram.

dog happy dance GIF

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Disclaimer: We are sorry if your pet hasn’t made the cut for Fuzzable’s “Cute Pet Of The Year”. However, we firmly believe that all pets are good boys and girls and definitely deserve a place in our list. Your pet may not be #1 on our list, but we know he’s #1 in your heart, and that’s all that matters. 

Written by Azra

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