Fuzzmas Advent Awards – Day Eleven

Welcome to the Fuzzmas Advent Awards, a series running every day throughout December celebrating all our favourite things from 2018.
Today we’re counting down the top 5 Books of the year. 

One thing you can be sure about Fuzzable.
There are a lot of book lovers around and it’s not easy to choose only a few to tell you a bit more about them.

As it is so difficult, because books are always a matter of taste, this ranking will happen from 5 down to 1, but it’s absolutely in none particular order.

5. Escaping from Houdini Kerri Maniscalco

If you love a bit of a spooky atmosphere mixed with mystery and historical characters, Kerri is your way to go.
Maybe, you already picked up Stalking Jack The Ripper and Haunting Prince Dracula and you know the feel you will get when you pick up the 3rd novel in the row.
A luxurious ocean liner which turns into a very special kind of prison.
Madness, panic and a certain kind of horror every single passenger has to face, as one by one gets murdered and no one knows who still can be trusted as there is nowhere left to run.
Another amazing setting, if you start with the 1st novel or if you jump right in with Escaping from Houdini, you won’t be able to put this book down, cause Kerri created another amazing setting you can’t let go till the last page and you won’t be disappointed!

4. My Box Shaped Heart by Rachael Lucas
The first words to describe this novel could be: Cute and fluffy.
But it’s not just a sweet love story between Holly and Ed.
It’s all about the changes in life when one big thing changes.
If it’s a relationship that is coming to an end and how it effects everyone around these two people.
Or the question of how much could your life change if you let someone new into it, you never thought you could be friends with?
Yes, Rachael Lucas’ newest novel is a cute, fluffy read, but there is also one clear message we all need to hear from time to time: There is always help.

3. Roar by Cecelia Ahern
Sometimes it feels even in 2018 women aren’t equal.
We aren’t here to debate about this, there are just little things women all over the world seem to be judged about, where men don’t even have to think about it twice.
What we wear sometimes seems to be a problem.
That we speak what’s on our minds without thinking about it twice seems to be a problem.
That we have to work in jobs, which don’t really fit our dreams, which we are still working on, seems to be a problem.
We are stubborn, honest, open, or we are shy and quiet!
We want to be loved and cherished, especially when we are independent and we would like to have some support, if we aren’t able to be as independent as we’d like to be.
ROAR by Cecelia Ahern is everything everyone of us, female or male, needs to read and hear.
We are a thousand of different things all at once and no one should try to keep us quiet.
Whenever you will pick this book up, you will find at least two stories in these 30 chapters which going to sing to your soul.

2. Sea Witch by Sarah Henning
Retellings are never easy to judge.
Just because you loved doesn’t mean your friend will love it just as much.
We all had these moments when it came to books, right?
But sometimes, especially when you might had to battle your way through a story t hat wasn’t up your street, it’s worth another try.
Sea Witch by Sarah Henning is her 2018 debut novel and it happens to be the origin story of no one else but Ursula!
Yes, we all know the little mermaids’s tale.
But before you pick up Sea Witch, ask yourself: What had to happen, that ‘Ursula’ became who and how we know her now.
What had to happen, that she became the half- octopus- evil- witch, when all she was in the beginning as a teenage girl, in love with a prince.

1. Keeper by Kim Chance
Kim’s fantasy debut novel was one of the most anticipated book launches of the year and happened just to get the year going on the 30th of January 2018!
While she was writing and getting the world of Keeper in shape for us to read it, Kim took us all the way along her journey on her YouTube– Channel.
Some of you might be by her side ever since the start, some of you might just discover her.
In Keeper, we meet Lainey Styles and her best friend Maggie.
It all starts at a comic con Lainey had to drive Maggie to – as best friends do, right?
Little does Lainey know that she won’t just go home after this convention.
It all hits off with an attack by a 200- year old witch at the parking lot.
And it doesn’t end with the revelation that Lainey in fact is a Keeper, it goes so much deeper, cause she has to find the warlock which once stole her mother’s Grimoire.
Fantasy- action- fans: You won’t be disappointed! And the sequel ‘Seeker’ is already written and in the making to be released soon!

Let us know which books make your Top 5 of the 2018 and tweet us @Fuzzable

Written by Vanessa

I love writing, music, especially concerts and books!
In my spare time you will find me at my favourite bookstore checking on all the new releases, at a coffee shop reading or writing my own little bits and pieces. In that time, I mostly listen to my favourite songs by McFly, 5 Seconds Of Summer, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Green Day, The Rolling Stones or the Beatles.
And I LOVE to wear something with stripes and polka dots!

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