Fuzzabump Diaries: Weeks 14 & 15

Hey guys. Welcome back to Fuzzabump Diaries, my journey to motherhood. If you’ve missed anything, you can check part one and two here!

Weeks 14 & 15, in a nutshell, have been tough. It started with a cough, so I went to my GP and found out bam, it’s a nasty chest infection. Because my immunity is lower I was advised to take steroid inhalers and antibiotics, but also if it got slightly worse I need to head to the hospital. Which was brilliant, I found myself panicking about my temperature more than ever. The antibiotics cleared it thankfully.

Then, a trip to the midwives, which was a magical but strange day. Magical because I took along my mum and she heard peanuts heartbeat, which was the first ‘its real’ moment for her. She ended up needing to use the tissue they put on the bed to dry her eyes.

You have to pee in a pot every time you visit your midwife and she took one look and said I’m dehydrated, I explained how bad my sickness is, where I’ve been unable to keep much down including fluids. She told me to get to the GP’s to get some form of antisickness.

My GP is the loveliest lady on this planet, she’s the type who uses real words rather then fancy and who will always do her best. She prescribed me some standard anti sickness, had given me extra strong folic acid to take, and gave me a massive cuddle. Sadly, them pills didn’t work.

I tried that medication for most of the week, but found I was still being sick, struggling to muster up any energy, and genuinely feeling just rubbish. My brother has brought me diet shakes, purely so I can drink something which will leave me with some nutrients in my body bless him.

I went back to the GP’s yesterday, and she’s prescribed me 2 other sets of medication and has taken blood samples to rush and see if my kidneys are okay and to check my thyroid and to see if they could be causing this, I find the results out today so cross your fingers for me! The last thing I want is to go in to hospital for a few days.

I’m at the point where I’ve googled ‘When do you get your pregnancy glow’ because my skin is a mess, my hair hasn’t started growing and flowing, I have zero energy (I’m waiting for that nesting phase because I am the biggest Mrs Hinch fan, and I wanna blitz my home Hinch style) and right now my tummy looks a little more bloated then with a beautiful blooming bump. Google hasn’t given me a certain answer yet.

One massive positive this week has been my cousin, she’s got a young boy who is the worlds most beautiful child, he’s got huge brown eyes, gorgeous blonde hair and is just so damn cute. He’s 18 months old, and honestly, he’s probably one of the biggest reasons I caught the broody bug. Anyway, my cousin had an abundance of baby stuff, from my dream buggy to baby slings, bouncers, rockers and walkers, and she’s like me in the way of keeping things clean (OCD tendencies could be hereditary) and she’s passed it all along to me for Peanut, she and her partner’s kindness has helped massively. I also did little mans nappy, which was an experience. I’m used to helping out a ton with my niece, but boy nappies are a little different. If I find out Im having a boy, I will need my cousin to come down daily to give me practise with nappies!

After one of my closest friends who’s baba is due a week before mine recommended downloading the Ovia Pregnancy app, I have found myself feeling a little more in touch with how peanut is doing. This week he or she is the size of a pack of 8 crayons. Which is crazy. Only a few weeks ago the sizing was of a grape.

So here’s to the next 2 weeks, Im hoping to start feel better, and hopefully that pregnancy glow will kick in! I’ll let you know. Weeks 14 & 15 have been hard.

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Written by Niki

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