Fuzzabump Diaries: Week 12 and 13

Welcome back to Fuzzabump Diaries. My little blogging place to chat all about being pregnant, this is my second instalment (check the first out here) and what a crazy 2 weeks its been.

It started off with my first hospital appointment, just to take what they call booking blood. They do these blood tests to check for risks of genetic disorders which I can’t even remember all the names of. I’m cursed with low veins, which lead to 3 nurses trying to find where to take blood. It was a ‘bloody’ nightmare. I’m the worst with needles unless it’s for a tattoo, so when standing up after it felt like they stole all my blood (4 tubes) my glasses fell to the floor and I stood on them in front of a room full of nurses. Doh.

Three days later was the best day of my life so far, scan day. Within seconds of having my tummy out and being scanned there was a nice clear image of my little peanut. It felt so crazy and surreal seeing everything from a strong heartbeat, a brain (already taking after its mama rather than father) two legs two arms and everything else. Seeing for the first time that perfect little lemon-sized human, I cried a lot. I will never forget that feeling, it’s indescribable. These photos are my favourite thing ever, my perfect baby.

Shortly after the scan, it was time for yet more blood tests which were a little scarier, as they were to check for down syndrome and other chromosome disorders. It wasn’t scary in the way I know my love for peanut is much stronger than any disability and I’m up to facing the world with peanut whatever it throws at us, but more a fear that this tiny human could have to face operations or other scary stuff before it had even seen a tree.

Telling my niece was another high from the week, I explained the reason I’ve been sleepy and poorly recently is because there’s a baby in my tummy. She happy cried, and has made every plan possible. She wants the baby to have her name, so as soon as its born she wants to take it to the park. Since I told her, every day she’s asked how big it is now, and asking how many days it is until she can meet the bump.

I told the rest of the world (Facebook and Twitter) after my niece was told, and its surprising how many people I haven’t spoken to in ages are now wanting to be a part of my life. It’s made me appreciate even more the friends and family who have always been around. They are the ones who deserve to be in peanuts life!

Sickness is still horrific this week. If anything its even worse. My mums ordered me some acupuncture wrist bands from Amazon, which are meant to work wonders. So I’m praying that they can help. I’ll keep you updated on that front.

Sleep is becoming harder and harder. I used to be able to sleep for England, once I’m off that’s it until my alarm, but recently every tiny sound wakes me right up. From the cats jumping to someone walking on the stairs. I guess this is a part of mummy training, I’ll never miss a sound.

Oh, all scan and test results came back within the past few days, all clear on everything. Such a relief!

Until next time, bye from me and Peanut.


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Written by Niki

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