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Welcome to Fuzzabump blogs. I’m Niki, one of the admin and all round princess at Fuzzable and 5 weeks ago I found out I’m with child. I’ve decided to make a mini blog on Fuzzable to track how my journey to Mummahood is going and to take you all along for the ride.

I found out I am expecting on the 5th of December, and from that moment life changed. I fell to the floor happy crying, screamed ‘oh my god’ a hundred times. It was the most amazing moment of my life. Who could have known that a stick that you wee on can be the most beautiful sight ever? (I still have the pee stick in my bedside table).

I told very close friends and immediate family that day. I’m the worst at secrets at the best of times. It’s hard not to tell my 5-year-old niece, she’s been begging everyone possible to have a baby for her as dolls just aren’t as fun.

By the end of that week, morning sickness became a reality, but with a twist. I have morning sickness on the Australian time zones. It sucks so bad, but in a way, I’m grateful that I don’t start my day off being ill. However, my throat is burnt from it all. I feel rather sorry for myself

The next thing I’ve learnt is that pregnant women need a lot of sleep. My bed is my best friend right now.  Honestly, I wake up and need a nap already – the issue is however.. getting comfortable. It’s impossible at night to find the right position to lay in. They tell you to not sleep on your right side or back as it stops blood flow or something, I worry about sleeping on my tummy as I get scared I’ll squash the baby but sleeping on my left side is so uncomfortable!

I’m only 11 and a half weeks along, baba is the size of a poker chip, but already my clothes are tighter, and my body is changing. Jeans are a hell no at the moment, the thought of even trying to put them on scares the bejeezus out of me. Bras aren’t comfy any more unless they’re sports bras. Underwire is OUT.

Cravings haven’t happened much yet, I keep on going off of everything. I used to not function without a cup or two or tea in the mornings, but now I can’t stand tea at all. Gravy or anything made with it is the worst for me. If I smell gravy, straight away I’m sick. Aside from that, I can’t get enough orange squash. I drink about 4 litres a day.

Aside from sickness, soreness, sleepiness and all that, I’m finding silly things exciting. I had my first midwives appointment on Monday and that felt so surreal. It’s crazy that finally, things are starting to take place, from my blood tests coming up and the first baba scan after that. I can’t wait to be a Mumma!


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Written by Niki

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