Fuzzable’s Weekly Hits: October 8! (Spotify link included!)

Each Monday means new weekly hits from those of us at Fuzzable, and as today is Monday, we’re all set to dish out some new hits and some old ones alike. This week sees the resurgence of some old talents and the arrival of new artists on the scene. Before we get into it, don’t forget to tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your music-related opinions and thoughts!

Before we explain what’s new on the list, you can find the updated playlist here:

Opening the playlist this week is Charli XCX and Troye Sivan’s “1999.” This song is perfect to belt to in the car, or to which to dance at home alone. Their voices meld together perfectly, and the song is infectiously boppy. You won’t be able to stop listening to this one once you start (trust us; we’ve had it on repeat for days).

This playlist sees the return of some older faces as well. Vanessa Hudgens returns to music with “Lay With Me” with Phantoms. Lolly also returns after so long with her new track “Stay Young and Beautiful.” These women prove that talent never expires, and no matter how long it takes to release music, it will still be beautiful.

Lennon Stella, Jonas Blue, and Liam Payne appear this week with their song “Polaroid,” and boy is it catchy and iridescent. It’s easy to get lost in it, and isn’t that music is all about anyway?

Finally, the last two new tracks this week are G.R.L.’s “Are We good” and Lauv and Julia Michaels’ “There’s No Way.” The former is the last single to come from G.R.L. back in 2016, and we’ve added it out of remembrance for this group we’ve always loved. The latter sees two talented musicians in a beautiful ballad that we can’t get enough of.

Again, if you’re interested in this week’s updated playlist, you can find it here:

Do any of these weekly hits stand out to you? Are there some you love that we’re missing? Give us all your music related feedback in the comments below and on Twitter @Fuzzable!

Written by Preston Smith

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