Fuzzable’s Weekly Hits: January 28!

We at Fuzzable are back with our Weekly Hits on this final week of January. As the first year of the month comes to an end, we reflect on the good music that is ushering us further into 2019. With new and old tracks alike comprising this playlist, we hope you find something you like in it!

If you are interesting in checking out our Weekly Hits playlist, you can access it here:

Some of the returning songs include ROZES’ feminist anthem “Halfway There” and Lizzo’s funky “Juice.” Both of these tracks were released earlier this month, but they’ve been the fuel keeping us going all January long.

New songs on this week’s playlist include “Groceries” and “Uninvited” by Australian star Mallrat. We’ve only just recently discovered this artist, but we immediately fell in love with her music – and we hope you do, too!

Other new songs on this week’s playlist include Estelle’s “Ain’t Yo Bitch” and Lily Kershaw’s “Party Meds.” Where the first song sees Britain’s premiere reggae performer declaring her agency, the latter sees Kershaw transcendentally singing over subtle beats.

Two additional new tracks lie in Dua Lipa’s “Swan Song” and Becky G’s “LBD.” Dua Lipa’s track hails from the Alita: Battle Angel soundtrack, and though the film has not yet been released, the track seems to reflect the film perfectly. It furthermore sees her voice powerful as ever. Meanwhile, Becky G returns stronger than ever on “LBD.” It’s a song that will both have you dancing and in awe of Becky G’s powerful presence.

Again, if you are interested in checking out our playlist, you can access it here:

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Written by Preston Smith

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