Fuzzable’s Top 5 Outfit Picks for January!

January might be serving us with gloom but here at Fuzzable, you don’t need to be unhappy. To add some magic to this cold season, we have picked our top 5 outfits for the month. Whether you’re going out or staying in, we have something for everyone. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy our list!

Sweatshirt dress + High waisted leggings

In this pic:

  • Dark Green Khaki Sweatshirt – £14.99
  • High Waisted Leggings – £9.99
  • Black Ribbed Hat – £6.99
  • Trainers – £24.99

Our first outfit pick is from H&M. This stylish ensemble includes a dark green khaki sweatshirt made from a soft fabric material to keep your body warm when you wear it outdoors. The sweatshirt would combine well with high waisted leggings. As a standalone pick, the leggings can be matched with any top as you know leggings are the perfect bottoms to match with anything.

If you need something to make this outfit look even better, we believe the black ribbed hat will do a great job. So why not head over to H&M now and get your hands on our top pick?

Trenchcoat with a winter outfit

In this pic:

  • Trenchcoat – £34.99
  • Ribbed polo-neck top – £9.99
  • Skinny high jeans – £17.99
  • Crocodile patterned boots – £49.99

Coats have always been the ultimate fashion savior. Utility wise, they help warm our bodice and prevent us from catching a cold but their purpose goes beyond protection. H&M has launched a collection of coats, that will help you look elegant while at the same time, grab eyeballs from anyone who sets their eyes on you. To complete the look, we recommend pairing the trenchcoat with the polo-neck top, jeans that suit your body type and a pair of patterned boots.

Long-sleeved top + High waisted jeans

In this pic:

  • Lift & Shape’ Skinny Jeans – £25.99
  • Black faux ankle boots – £29.99

Our third favorite outfit of the month is from New Look as this fashion retail store features a wide range of collections for all seasons. As winter comes, we start searching our closets for boots, high-waisted jeans, and some good long-sleeve tops. New Look, fortunately, has a wide variety for each of them. Whether you would like to go conventional with blue and white combination or add some twist with shiny boots, the choice is yours to make. Make plans to go to the store and explore the outfits!

The Dungarees 

In this pic:

Dungarees from Boohoo – £24.00

Whoever said that the dungarees are for the kids, did not know the wonder they behold for the wearer. This amazing outfit, if used smartly, can become the most sophisticated clothing choice and also the most naughty pick, if one wants their outfit to lean towards the latter. Open to experimentation, dungarees are a must-have. So, take a look at Boohoo or other retail stores to find the one that suits you the most.

Shirt dress with a tie belt

In this pic, Shirt dress with a tie – £24.99

Our last outfit from the list is the fashionable leopard print shirt dress. Yes, we know it’s winter but the weather can’t control what we wear! At least, when it comes to dresses. The H&M piece listed above is available in two colors, black or leopard print and while it offers absolute comfort, the dress also gives a sensual appeal to the wearer. So check them out now!

So, which piece from the list will make it to your wardrobe. Or, would you like to add more outfits to our list? Share them via tweet  @Fuzzable

Written by Chloe Bishop

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