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Fuzzable’s Guide to BTS’ Dynamite Inspired Everyday Fashion

Fundamental patterns, vintage collars, pastel colors, funky shades, and oh of course all those bell-bottoms… ah ah, we think we are in the stars tonight. The new BTS’ music video for their brand-new single Dynamite dropped on 21st August after lots of anticipation and we are loving the retro-themed kings in it, bopping along to the bright and explosive song, full of positivity, that was indeed really needed in 2020.

Feeling expensive vintage in casual clothing is no easy feat, so we have shortlisted a couple of clothing trends we can spot in the music video that you can incorporate and style into your everyday fashion.

The Charm of the Flare

Bell-bottoms made a return through Kim Taehyung’s green trousers and we are here for it. While the prices of bell-bottom pants might have sky-rocketed with the new trends, there are a couple of go-to places we can still find them for affordable prices including Forever21, H&M, Primark, and many others.

Along with the bell-bottoms, we also suggest trying out wide-legged pants, patterned or printed, paired with basic T-shirts to make the bottoms stand-out in a statement.

Taehyung from BTS (Credit: BTS Official Facebook Page)

While we are talking about ‘the flare’, we cannot let go of our beloved skirts, whether they are skater skirts or long and flared, they hold a similar power as the pants. Skater or skirts in pastel pinks, teals, or baby blues paired with some multi-colored converse would make a splendid and easy-going combination.

For a longer length of skirts, solid bodycon skirts with a short burst of ruffles at the end or printed chiffon skirts with a single leg slit or cute side slit(s) even, pleated skirts of any length, all of these make great options to add a spark of retro to your outfit.

If it is summertime where you are staying, so many brilliant options can be found in shorts as well. High-waisted, pleated, flared, printed, or solid, even skorts would make a terrific option.

Collars, Cardigans, and Corduroy

Exaggerated collars are reminiscent of the 70s and 80s. The pointy ones Suga and Jungkook wore in the music video make such a statement along with the slicked hair. For a softer version, peter-pan collars take a special mention too. Detachable collars can be found on online shopping sites such as Etsy. They are easier to find, more convenient and less expensive compared to the tops.

Jungkook from BTS (Credit: BTS Official Facebook Page)
Min Yoongi from BTS (Credit: BTS Official Facebook Page)

Cardigans, oh how we did leave them behind, have always been very difficult to style but do not fear, colorful and quilted cardigans can brighten up the appearance of the structure-less cardigans. Like the silk quilted orange one Taehyung wore with blue jeans or the sleeveless over-sized beige cardigan he partnered up with a black beret.

Taeyhung from BTS (Credit: BTS Official Facebook Page)


J-Hope’s demure black ‘OBEY’ graphic tee paired with mustard corduroy pants was an absolute hit with the fans and us. Corduroy overalls and A-line skirts, a staple of early 2000s, can be paired with any solid or block-lettered, graphic-printed T-shirts.

Hoseok from BTS (Credit: BTS Official Facebook Page)

Patterns and Leather

All the rich patterns we made a note of in the music video, from Seokjin’s rustic polka-dotted shirt to the short-sleeved black and white star patterned shirt RM wore or the checkered blazer Jungkook wore, are all the patterns we can try to look for, while shopping.

Seokjin from BTS (Credit: BTS Official Facebook Page)
Namjoon from BTS (Credit: BTS Official Facebook Page)

One must never forget the glorious red leather shirt J-Hope wore in the second half of the music video. Adding touches of leather to an outfit could easily turn it into retro-rock, straying away from the dainty pastels and more into bold colors.

Hoseok from BTS (Credit: BTS Official Facebook Page)

Double Denim, Matching sets, and Bomber Jackets

The denim on denim trend has been catching a lot of fire over the past year or so and Jungkook and Jimin prove that it is not going out of fashion anytime soon. While the younger of the two, Jungkook, wears a classic darker wash of oversized denim jacket and matching loose-fit jeans, Jimin wears a funkier, lighter wash of denim set with vibrant patches and rips of color.

These can be one of the easier items of clothing to implement in our daily fashion. Including but not limited to denim skirts, jackets, and chambray shirts paired with colorful additions could really bring out the retro-kaleidoscopic feel.

Jungkook from BTS in Dynamite Official Poster
Jimin from BTS in Dynamite Official Poster

On the topic of matching denim, we cannot miss the black trendy printed matching set that Suga wore, which reminds us of true 90s hip hop and the term “cha-ching”. A good way to seamlessly fit something this outstanding into a more casual fit is what we are already familiar with, thanks to online shopping.

It’s co-ord sets, or more simply put, a two-piece matching piece of clothing of various different styles, whether its crop top-pants or top-skirt or top-shorts combo, there are a lot of options to find one that suits your taste the best. Online clothing sites such as boohoo, prettylittlething, and asos seem to have a broader variety of these than in-person stores.

Yoongi from BTS in Dynamite
Boohoo: Mixed Print Crop & Trouser Co-ord Set, £20

Lastly, we have the bombers jackets, the cropped Gucci one Jimin wears makes him look like he is about to break some hearts with his Grease-style hair and the lovely smirk he has on, takes us back to all the jock characters we swooned over while growing up.

Bomber jackets really accentuate one’s body line, a more fitted one at that, but an oversized bomber jacket could very well do the opposite. Both go well with the sporty passé vibe.

Jimin from BTS (Credit: BTS Official Facebook Page)

Here’s our final breakdown of the BTS’ Dynamite music video inspired everyday fashion. Let us know your favorite picks by tweeting us @Fuzzable.

Written by Mythili Devarakonda

21, writer, reader, music enthusiast, and more.


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