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Fuzzable’s Crush Alert: Pink

Welcome to Fuzzable’s crush alerts. A section of our site where we bring you the hottest celebrities and influencers. We want to provide you with a reason to be able to take a break from your busy day and revel in our crushes greatness. For this Crush Alert – Fuzzable goes PINK!



Who is Pink and why do we have a crush on her?

Everyone who is following Pink since the early days will remember her strong – outstanding – pink hair, which she showed off during the time her debut single ‘There You Go’ made the way into our lives. With that color, she made a true statement. She does not fit in; she does not want to fit in. Pink will not tell you what you want to hear. She will tell you the truth. Even the big breakthrough came with her 1st song of the 2nd album M!ssundaztood which happens to be the ultimate party song, named: Get The Party Started the themes all across this album and all the following, are way more serious. She opened up about her parents’ divorce, ‘Family Portrait’ or ‘My Vietnam’ just to name two songs, which are significant for that topic. She speaks up about not fitting in, in high school and the funny looks people get when it happens to be them, or when you are just fed up with being yourself sometimes in ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me.’There are always fun songs, nevertheless, such as ‘Stupid Girls’ where you find every possible so-called ‘It- Girl’ in funny situations, we all saw them before. And Pink portrait them in the funniest way possible. The serious themes continue, such as her frustration and powerlessness about US politics, which lead her to write this amazing song called ‘Dear Mr. President.’

Photographic evidence of P!nk being crush-worthy

Knowing that the world is not whole and no family is perfect while being married to professional motocross racer Carey Hart for 12 years (2006), she is also very honest in public about her maybe not so perfect life.

As Pink and Carey announced their split only 2 years after their wedding, Pink did for what we love her so much: She wrote down her personal experiences and her album ‘Funhouse’ started to take on some shape. As you do, Carey himself was starring the music video of ‘So What’, in which Pink actually tries to get over their break up.
As life simply happens… The couple got back together, and welcomed their first child, their baby girl, Willow Sage in February 2011.

It might get a bit quieter, after she gave us the soundtrack ‘Just Like Fire’ for the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ sequel “Alice Through the Looking Glass” but when Pink returned, she returned with a BANG!
And in November 2016, said big BANG, was her 8th month baby belly!!
She and Carey welcomed their son, Jameson Moon, only 6 weeks after the Instagram post was made on December 26th 2016.

Her achievement in music let her receive the MTV VMA ‘Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in 2017 where Pink shows that she is not just a – let’s be honest- badass singer and pure inspiration to all her fans doesn’t matter what age, but 1st of all an amazing mother.

If you want to know what she’s up to, check Pink’s Twitter: @Pink, but most likely Instagram will go more into detail where she’s up in the minute.

Her hair might not be P!nk all the time anymore, but it happened to become so much more than that.
Pi!nk is a statement, P!nk is encouragement, P!nk is a lifestyle. 

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liam payne zayn jade thirlwall

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