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Fuzzables Crush Alert – Jack Maynard

Welcome to Fuzzable’s crush alerts. A section of our site where we bring you the hottest celebrities and influencers. We want to provide you with a reason to be able to take a break from your busy day and revel in our crushes greatness. On this edition of Crush Alert, we’re bringing you the most crush-worthy little brother ever; Jack Maynard

Who is Jack and why do we have a crush on him?

Jack is the 23 year old YouTube star who we can’t get enough of. He’s a member of the ‘Buttercreams’ alongside Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee and co. Jack was born and bred in Brighton living with his mum, dad, younger sister Anna and older brother pop-star Conor Maynard. Jacks are known for his love of football, nights out and cats (mainly his family cat Bo). We’re in love with Jack’s sense of humor as much as his looks.

His career is impressive, Jacks YouTube channel has gathered over 120 million views. Not only this, but Jacks dabbled in T.V, presenting on a local lifestyle show and a stint on a reality T.V show. Jack’s done some radio presenting too, working with the U.K’s number one radio station – Capital FM. Adding to all of this, Jack also is a keen charity supporter. He’s taken part in many fundraising tasks for Stand up to Cancer and Comic Relief.

Photographic proof of Jack being ‘Crush-worthy’.

Showing us just how important it is to never skip breakfast, Jack tucks into a bowl of cereal. It could be his dedication to getting everyone eating the most important meal of the day, the glasses or even his lip curl that is the reason we’re loving this picture.

Jack looks super dapper here in a suit. We love how his grey trousers bring out the ocean in Jack’s blue eyes. We definatly think Jack should dress up more like this.

We swear we don’t have a weakness for people eating, but Jack’s date with candy floss is just adorable. We’re also loving his tattoo’s in full view. Side note, the white t-shirt is definitely bringing our focus to Jack’s muscles.

Seeing Jack in Action

Something you may not know about Jack is he teamed up with big brother Conor to create a fun music project called GOAT. Their first single was Grenade, which is a jam all about being on a night out and whilst your friend (or brother) is hooking up with their idea of perfect, your left to entertain someone whose your idea of hell. We wonder how many girls Jack has got with have heard this and are wondering if they are the ‘Grenade’.

How to keep up to date with Jack Maynard.

Follow Jack on Instagram and

, but also make sure you follow his YouTube channel and Vlog channel for regular uploads of Jacks crazy life.

You can also follow us on Twitter @Fuzzable, to find out all the rest of our crushes.


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