Fuzzable’s Crush Alert: Ashton Irwin

Noah Centineo

Welcome to Fuzzable’s crush alerts. A section of our site where we bring you the hottest celebrities and influencers. We want to provide you with a reason to be able to take a break from your busy day and revel in our crushes greatness. On this edition of Crush Alert, we bring you the 5SOS heart-throb who’s taking our breath away; Ashton Irwin

Who is Ashton Irwin and why do we have a crush on him?

Being the drummer of 5 Seconds Of Summer makes him an animal on stage in the best way possible!
He rocks these drums and shares his amazing voice with us, like there is no tomorrow and let his fans simply live in the moment.
He always asks to put the phones down at some point at how to enjoy the next song, without any distractions like a mobile phone.

Ashton is a ray of sunshine. A ray of sunshine with the most adorable smile, a laugh that is going to make you laugh, even you had to fight through a day or two.
He spreads nothing but love and positivity towards the 5SOS- fans, just as we love them, to the moon and back.

Photographic proof that Ashton is crush worthy:


Ashton takes all the time he is able to give, to take pictures, having a quick chat or recording a quick video for his fans. However, the commitment takes another step up.
Back in 2015 he opened up about the movement he and his bandmates Luke, Calum and Michael created for their fans – The New Broken Scene – a safe place for them, when a pick-me-up is needed, or when you need to talk about the demons you fight on your mind or when you kind of feel out of place.

As the ‘Sounds Live Feels Live Tour’ 2016 ended, the band took a well-deserved break and came back with nothing else than one of the best albums the summer of 2018 had to offer! Youngblood!

As the concept of the album cover, the music videos and the live shows are all based on bright colours and different visual effects, including glitter and nail polish, the pictures we’ve been given by Ashton got a pretty artsy touch.


As out going they seem to be, they are just as beautiful, because Ashton totally stands up for these reasons:
-Be who you are, do not be afraid to express yourself
-Take care of your own physical and mental health before anything else
-Live your life to the best

Seeing Ashton in action:

As mentioned, he is not just an amazing drummer, he also got an amazing voice, which he’s able to show off more and more as times go on.

Ashton also uses his creativity to let 5 Seconds Of Summer step up in expressing themselves in their music videos.
As he did, for the first time as producer alongside Andy DeLuca for their newest release ‘Valentine.’

How to keep up to date with Ashton Irwin:
Ashton Irwin uses Twitter on regular basis to spread all the news about what is going to happen next with 5 Seconds Of Summer, or to spread his love for his band brothers and his fans.

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Written by Vanessa

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And I LOVE to wear something with stripes and polka dots!

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