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#FuzzablePride Movie Alert: ‘Alex Strangelove’

Netflix’s original series and movie section is ever expanding, and one of its newest entries, Alex Strangelove, truly shines.

Arriving on the digital platform during Pride Month, the film follows Alex Truelove (played by Daniel Doheny) as he navigates high school – and sexuality. He’s in a longtime relationship with a girl named Claire (played by Madeline Weinstein), but when he meets a boy named Elliot (played by Antonio Marziale) at a party, his questioning of his sexuality begins.

Elliot is openly gay and after the party starts hanging out with Alex more. In the meantime, Alex is being bombarded by his friends and his girlfriend due to the couple having never had sex despite being in such a longterm relationship.

The film isn’t a coming out story for Alex, but rather about self-realization. He realizes after his friendship with Elliot blossoms that there may be something deeper, which causes him to question whether he may be bisexual or gay, especially because this could answer the question of why he hasn’t wanted to have sex with his girlfriend.

Where Love, Simon is about acceptance and coming out to family, friends, and the world, Alex Strangelove tackles coming out to yourself and being comfortable with yourself. Alex learns he is gay and not straight or bisexual after two failed attempts at having sex with women, and his now ex-girlfriend, despite being upset in her own right, finds Elliot and unites the couple at prom.

Alex Strangelove is streaming now on Netflix. The following is the official trailer for Alex Strangelove:

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