#FuzzablePride- Exclusive Interview With CarmiMUA

Fuzzable Pride is a celebration of all things LGBTQ+. We’re bringing you this whole month a ton of fun articles, pride related beauty news, our own experiences as well as others inspirational journeys. When it comes to inspiring journeys, one that stands out the most to us is CarmiMUA’s.

Carmi is the first male influencer to collaborate with a high-street makeup brand to produce their own makeup product. He recently launched his first pallet with Revolution. We felt now is the perfect time to have a chat to our BFF and find out all about his own journey into the LGBTQ+ community and being a male ‘Beauty Guru’. He also gives us the low down on his work with Revolution and some amazing advice.

1) Can you tell us a little bit about your journey coming out?
 Coming out for me was never hard or even something I truly did, I grew up with an understanding family and they taught me since I was young to never judge people when it came to their religion, sexual orientation or colour of their skin. My grandfather always asked me to see the good in people even when it wasn’t easy and it is something that I do to this day.
2) How accepting were the people in your life?
Very acceptable, to the point that it feels so surreal when I hear about other people’s stories. I just remember one day turning up at home with my boyfriend and no one said anything or ever asked when and what, they still had Carmi and I really didn’t change, they just learned something more about me.
3) Looking back now if you could of told yourself anything during that time, what would you say?
I would have probably reminded myself of how lucky I was with my family and maybe try to spend more time with them.
4) Your now an amazing makeup artist and beauty guru, how have you found people’s reaction to you being a boy in beauty? 
I think there are two kinds of people that come across me on social media – the ones that really understand my aim in life is really to be happy and show my art and the ones that don’t understand what and why I do what I do. But for every negative comments there are 10 that are positive, I choose to concentrate on happiness.
5) How do you think we can change the negative stigma attached to men wearing makeup?
Luckily things are changing, a few years ago major cosmetic companies would have never signed on a male ambassador, but now little by little they are moving forward with the demands of their consumers. 
6) Your the first UK male beauty guru to collaborate with a high street brand on a product, how’s that process been?
OMG! I still can’t believe that when I go now to Superdrug I get to see MY palette! It has been an incredible process! I really gave it my all and everything about the Kiss of Fire Palette has been chosen and selected by me, from the packaging, shades and layout of the palette it has my heart all over it.
7) You work alongside Revolution who have created such an amazing movement that beauty truly is for all, was it important to you to work with a brand with this reputation?
Extremely important, I remember having my first meeting back in 2016 with Adam (the owner of Revolution) and I was so excited to see what was going to happen and what Revolution was going to become. The first thing Adam told me was “I chose you for who you are and your values in life and I don’t ever want you to feel like we expect anything else than your true self”. I feel very lucky to have what I have and I’m grateful for my life and my career everyday.
8) What can we expect to see in the future from you?
In one word… MERCH! Really soon I will be having out something super exciting and this is really dedicated to my Bibies.
9) How are you celebrating this pride month?
With my Fiance, we have a few little trips and dates to enjoy! (Total couple goals right there).
10) To everyone reading this who may be struggling to either come out or to find their self, what would your advice be?
Know that you are NEVER alone and surround yourself with people that love you for you without asking for anything in return.  Remember “real beauty is happiness”.

We really feel inspired after speaking to Carmi, we hope you are too. Make sure you follow Carmi on Twitter and Instagram to join him on his journey. You can shop the Kiss Of Fire pallet here.

Written by Niki

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