Fuzzable Weekly Playlists: Week One

Welcome to Fuzzable’s Weekly Playlists! This is where every week on Saturday at 6 pm GMT, we release a new playlist filled with 25 random songs. These songs could have been released this week or they could be over 10 years old, regardless, they are all there for your listening pleasure. And who ho knows, you might just find your new favourite song while listening to one of these playlists so maybe sure you check them out every week. Alternatively, you could follow our Spotify account and have all our Weekly Playlists and any other future playlists all there waiting for you.

Week one’s playlist involves songs from people like 5 Seconds Of Summer, James Graham and even Jamie Scott. There’s also some other artists on the playlist like Famy and Sleeping At Last who you may not be overly familiar with which will surely help you discover more music. Check out the full playlist below:

Check out the full playlist below:

What do you think of the first weekly playlist by Fuzzable? Let us know by tweeting us @Fuzzable. Alternatively, tweet us your favourite song/artist on the playlist and you may see them appear in a future playlist.

Written by Lucy

I listen to a lot of music and like a lot of bands, but I also do the photography thing from time to time

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