Fuzzable Talks Fashion… with Yasmin from Four of Diamonds!

British girl band Four of Diamonds are currently riding high following the release of their brand new single The Writer – a euphoric burst of powerful pop, with a poignant message that encourages people to never give up, no matter what life throws at them!

The track, featuring Afropop megastar Mr Eazi, and it’s accompanying music video serves as a further reminder that this a band you simply HAVE to take notice of… don’t believe us? Watch below and see, as the sassy quartet continue their mission to take over planet pop with their killer tunes, feisty attitude and impeccable style!

Four of Diamonds – The Writer (Official Music Video)


Say ‘hello’ to Four of Diamonds…

Since forming on The X Factor back in 2016, Four of Diamonds have gone on to create quite the career for themselves – ripping up the girl band rule book to do things in their own way, and on their own terms!

Caroline, Yasmin, Lauren and Sophia are girls, girls who stand together, united as one – championing each of their own unique qualities and characteristics, whilst equally celebrating their differences and insecurities too, in turn inspiring and empowering their loyal army of fans to do just the same.

With their vivacious energy and collective bold spirit, there is NOTHING these ladies cannot do… Four of Diamonds – we salute you!

For this weeks edition of “Fuzzable Talks Fashion!…” we caught up with Yasmin from the band to talk FASHION, BEAUTY, STYLE INSPO and BODY CONFIDENCE!

How would you best describe your own personal style?

My style is definitely a bit adventurous! I love trying new looks and pushing the boundaries. The girls would probably say I’m quite quirky with the way I dress, because I love wearing really loud and out there statement pieces. I like to express myself through my clothes. 

Where do you look to find inspiration for outfits? 

Definitely Instagram. My explore page is where I go for inspiration and I would say I take inspiration from Rihanna and the Kardashians Instagrams’ quite a lot. 

What 3 items do you always carry with you in your handbag?

AirPods, keys, lipstick.

Can you tell us a secret makeup tip?

My makeup tip would be to make sure you prep your face soooo much before you apply any of your products. Your makeup will glow more, sit better on your face and last longer! Always use some sort of primer too. 

Do you have a favourite red carpet look of yours from over the years?

My favourite red carpet look was definitely my look from the Global Awards. I love wearing long dresses! It was a beautiful silk orange, v-neck maxi dress with a slit up the leg paired with some Jimmy Choo heels… so me! 

What one style trend from the past do you most want to see make a comeback?

Mine has already made a come back! The flared jeans; I’m obsessed with them! I love how much they compliment the figure. They look so cool with boots, heels and trainers. 

Is there a particular era of fashion that you love / wish you’d been a part of?

It has to be the 70’s!!! For me that was the best era of fashion. They had the flares, bell sleeves and platforms. 

Who is your all-time fashion icon?

It has to be Rihanna! She is so experimental with what she wears and always manages to make anything look cool. No one dresses like her! 

Which other celebrity’s wardrobe would you love to have free reign of?

Definitely Kylie Jenners. I love a bodycon dress and a tracksuit and she always seems to wear just that! They’re so simple but when you dress them up it’s a LOOK! I also wouldn’t mind raiding her makeup drawers too lol. 

Yasmin cites Kylie Jenner & Rihanna as being two of her major fashion inspirations

What advice you would give to anybody not feeling so confident about themselves and how they look?

I would say don’t be afraid to try new things. Everyone is different so you have to embrace your individuality. Once you realise how amazing you are you will glow on a whole different level! 

Four of Diamonds brand new single The Writer is out now – download & stream here.

Stay tuned for next weeks addition of “Fuzzable Talks Fashion!..” when we will be catching up with Lauren from the band!

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