Fuzzable Talks Fashion… with Sophia from Four of Diamonds!

It’s official… we LOVE Four of Diamonds!

A girl band for the girls, united together in their love for music, and each other! And with their killer hits and sassy stage presence, combined with their feisty attitudes and unwavering work ethic, together, there is simply nothing that Sophia, Caroline, Lauren and Yasmin cannot do!

It has been a joy for us to catch up with each of the lovely, and super talented, ladies over the course of the past 4 weeks, as they’ve taken time out from their busy schedule to share with us their thoughts, feelings, advice and secrets relating to all things fashion!

So… in the final edition of our “Fuzzable Talks Fashion!…” series of specials with Four of Diamonds, we caught up with Sophia from the band to talk FASHION, BEAUTY, STYLE INSPO and BODY CONFIDENCE!

How would you best describe your own personal style?

I don’t think I have a specific style. Quite often I dress for my mood, so if I’m feeling lazy or super chilled it’s always a tracksuit vibe or leggings and a hoodie. If I’m feeling expressive or brave I’ll try something a bit quirky and different (doesn’t always work out but hey!). But you’ll almost always catch me in trainers and I believe some of the best outfits start with good shoes!

Where do you look to find inspiration for outfits?

This is one of the reasons I love social media! My ‘saved’ section on Instagram is full of sick outfits I’ve found on there. I follow a couple of fashion pages that I use for inspo – Style Milkshake is one of my faves. Also, when I watch some of my fave artists perform I allllllways pay attention to what they’re wearing. For example, Jhene Aiko – I LOVE her looks. 

What 3 items do you always carry with you in your handbag?

Lip balm/gloss, hair bobbles & perfume.

Can you tell us a secret makeup tip?

I’m not the best with make-up tips as I kinda just stick to what I know works for my face (deffo not a pro!). I like to use a soft shimmer powder really lightly all over my face at the end of my makeup routine for that extra glow – it makes it all look way more natural… but don’t use too much!!!

Do you have a favourite red carpet look of yours from over the years?

Our KISS FM Halloween Haunted House red carpet look this year was SO GOOD! We dressed up as dolls for Halloween and had the most amazing make up done which gave us freakishly realistic doll-like eyes.

What one style trend from the past do you most want to see make a comeback?

I mean it kind of has come back but low-rise, really baggy jeans/trousers and a super cropped top. Destiny’s Child killed this look so many times!!.. and JLO too! 

Is there a particular era of fashion that you love / wish you’d been a part of?

The 1920’s because of the massive shift in women’s fashion. I would’ve loved to dress up in flapper dresses and go to flamboyant cocktail parties! Oh and we can’t forget the introduction of the legendary LBD!

Who is your all-time fashion icon?

I would have to say Rihanna – her Fenty empire is inspiring. I love how bold and experimental she is with fashion and how she manages to pull off every single one of her looks! Also, the Fenty brand concept is so great – both in terms of make up and fashion… it’s representative of Rihanna’s look and style, whilst being inclusive of all skin tones and body shapes. It’s nothing like anything else out there! 

Which other celebrity’s wardrobe would you love to have free reign of?

Kendall Jenner. I think she achieves the perfect combo of sporty, sexy and preppy. Plus I can only imagine the walk-in wardrobe!

What advice you would give to anybody not feeling so confident about themselves and how they look?

If you feel like you look good, you feel good and vice versa. So wear that outfit that’s sitting in your wardrobe that you really wanna wear but haven’t had the confidence to, because if it makes YOU feel good, then it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks! We are so lucky to have the freedom to express ourselves through fashion and make-up. There’s always gonna be an outfit that you look back on and think “why did I wear that?”… I can think of a few right now haha! The more we experiment, the more we learn about ourselves!

Four of Diamonds brand new single The Writer is out now – download & stream here.

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