Fuzzable Talks Fashion… with Caroline from Four of Diamonds!

Since bursting onto the scene back in 2016, Four of Diamonds have gone on to become a leading force within the world of British pop – amassing an army of loyal fans with their mix of innovative and empowering pop/dance anthems!

As the first girl band to be signed to Virgin Records since the mighty Spice Girls, Caroline, Yasmin, Lauren and Sophia have worked tirelessly to hone their craft, both musically and stylistically, staying true to their individual ideas and beliefs, in turn mastering a truly effortless and ultra chic group style aesthetic, that feels nothing but natural, authentic and oh, so glamorous!

In the penultimate edition of our “Fuzzable Talks Fashion!…” series of specials with Four of Diamonds, we caught up with Caroline from the band to talk FASHION, BEAUTY, STYLE INSPO and BODY CONFIDENCE!

How would you best describe your own personal style?

I’d say I’m constantly evolving and trying out new things. Being in Four of Diamonds really pushed me out of my comfort zone at the start, and now I absolutely love wearing all sorts of different looks. I adore a baggy jean, crop top and some sort of platform shoe – 5ft2 life is not the one! Bright colours are my thing and I’m all for colour co-ordination. Over quarantine I’ve also been experimenting loads with my hair, doing braids and new styles! 

Where do you look to find inspiration for outfits?

Instagram is the one for me. I follow a lot of fashion bloggers on there and they inspire me so much – there are so many fashionistas serving looks! Unfortunately it’s not always so straight forward when it comes to picking an outfit. On a lot of occasions you’ll find me stressed out on the floor with the entire contents of my wardrobe sprawled out across my bed haha! 

What 3 items do you always carry with you in your handbag?

Lipgloss, AirPods and a bottle of water… if the handbag is big enough! 

Can you tell us a secret makeup tip?

Put a little blusher down the middle of your nose and dark contour on either side of it, if you’re trying to make it look smaller!

Do you have a favourite red carpet look of yours from over the years?

The girls and I went to the ‘Pretty Woman Musical’ press night in London in March this year and we all wore black and white. It was my favourite because I love that classic look, and I think we looked so strong together!

What one style trend from the past do you most want to see make a comeback?

The girls mock me for this but I have a pair of black suede kitten heel boots that I would love to wear out. I’m just waiting for the time when kitten heel boots come back into style again so I can whack em out!

Is there a particular era of fashion that you love / wish you’d been a part of?

I 100% wish I would have been a part of the 90s era of fashion! I’m all for the bright colours, crop tops and all the different styles of jeans! The dungarees, baggy jeans and boot-cuts were dreamy! I love those looks. 

Who is your all-time fashion icon?

I actually wouldn’t say there’s one person in particular but I’m into Hailey Bieber, Paloma Mami and Kylie Jenner. 

Which other celebrity’s wardrobe would you love to have free reign of?

Definitely Kylie Jenner’s! 

Caroline cites Hailey Bieber & Paloma Mami as being two of her major fashion inspirations

What advice you would give to anybody not feeling so confident about themselves and how they look?

I’d say that we are all unique and beautiful. Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else because it’s your individuality that makes you special. Learn to love yourself. Take time and patience to look for the right kind of clothes that you like and that suit you. Don’t be afraid to be different. Why would you want to be like someone else anyway? 

Four of Diamonds brand new single The Writer is out now – download & stream here.

Stay tuned for next weeks addition of “Fuzzable Talks Fashion!..” when we will be catching up with Sophia from the band!

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