Fuzzable reviews BTS on UNO! Mobile

ARMYs all over the world are all on their phones as they play UNO on mobile. For limited edition only, ARMYs can shout “Uno!” with BTS in their collaboration with the game.

The collaboration includes collectables, card sleeves, avatars, voice packs, icon borders, and game backgrounds featuring the global boy group. Because it is limited, ARMYs downloaded the mobile game as soon as it was released, and it quickly became the talk of the town. For an ARMY like me, adding BTS to one of the most popular games in the globe was like adding the cherry on the cake. It was so addicting.

The game has various features that even non-ARMYs would definitely enjoy. Players have the option to play on their own or with a friend. There are several modes players can experience, from the classic mode to the wild one which spices things up in the game, while playing with and against other players worldwide. It’s a chance for ARMYs and non-ARMYs to play together.

The goal of UNO mobile is the same as the card version⁠⁠, which is to be the first player to get rid of all their cards by playing their cards onto a pile at the center of the table based on each card’s color or number. For example, if a yellow “7” card is on top of the pile, players can place any yellow card, any color of “7” card, or even a wild card on top of the pile.

It should be noted that the game is timed.

Users can play with a variety of extra rules and cards – like “Discard All” and “Stack” – in the “Room” mode. There is also a twist such as the “2×2” mode, wherein two players coordinate to get rid of the cards in one of their hands before their opponents. There are ‘clubs’ players can join to gain more in-game friends as well. Players need to spend in-game coins to play a game, which can be won while playing one round or through optional in-app purchases. 

For me, the game was enjoyable and it absolutely brings out the competitive side in me. It was also a great way for me to bond with my friends from various parts of the globe, as we created rooms to be able to play together.

The biggest bummer for ARMY will be how UNO Mobile’s collaboration with BTS is limited. As an ARMY, of course, I would love for the BTS features to be a permanent feature in the game, such as the voices of BTS members shouting “Uno!”

Another thing that I like the least in BTS’ collaboration with UNO is the gacha feature, but perhaps it’s because I’m unlucky with gachas. To enlighten readers who are not familiar with gachas, it is a feature wherein players have to spend in-game currency to receive a random in-game item. Gachas are required to acquire the BTS frames and other BTS collectables that I would want to have.

Gachas depend on luck, which is something that I rarely have. Apart from that, the game is amazing. It’s rated E for Everyone, which means young and old players can enjoy the game. It keeps people on the edge of the seats as players get rid of each of their cards. 

The micro-transaction in the game does not ruin the game for free-to-play players. These micro-transactions only gives players an advantage, such as additional coins and shields. Therefore, it does not affect the player experience of users who only downloaded the game just because of the BTS collaboration. There is also an option for players to watch advertisements in order to earn in-game currencies. Surely, ARMYs wouldn’t want to miss the attractive BTS frames, icons, and other BTS collectables, which further enhances the gameplay for BTS fans.

Through the UNO game, ARMYs can play together, therefore finding new ways to spend time with fellow ARMY friends. There’s a reason why it became a hit among ARMYs, of course aside from the fact that it has BTS. And that reason is, it’s a new way for ARMYs to bond and create new memories together.

Overall, I hope that BTS’ collaboration with UNO Mobile will become a permanent feature. It would be unfortunate to see the BTS collectables and other related features disappear from the game. It is also a friendly game for everyone, be it casual gamers or seasoned ones. The rating I would give to the BTS and UNO Mobile collaboration is 8/10, with the gacha feature as a main point of improvement. Hopefully, UNO Mobile will feature BTS for a long time, as it is a sure way to keep lots of players on the platform or attract others to check the game out. 

You can install the game on Google Play Store or iOS App Store!

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(Disclaimer – this review is subject to the writer’s opinion on UNO Mobile’s collaboration with BTS. Other writers within Fuzzable have differing views, and as a team of many writers, we accept all opinions.)

Written by Euni

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