Fuzzable explores ‘namjooning’ on Kim Namjoon’s birthday

Fuzzable team celebrates another Virgo birthday boy,Kim Namjoon, also known as RM of BTS.

The band’s leader is recognized and adored for many things — from his poetic lyrics to his eloquent speeches, and his devastating dimples to his clumsy destructive behavior. ARMYs (us, included) can go on about their love for this intelligent charmer endlessly.

One of the most prominent aspects of RM is his ideologies and Zen-like attitude towards life. In a 2018 interview he says “For me, there is a really interesting thing between Korean and English language. You know “love” and “live,” right? It sounds really similar. For Korean, in Korean, we call love in “사랑 [sarang]”, we call live- we call people in “사람 [saram]”, so it sounds really similar. So, I mean like, love, live– it’s the same word,” and uses the clever wordplay in his song Trivia: Love. He explores the said ideologies not only through his lyrics, but he tries his best to practice them in his own busily scheduled life. Such as his story in the song Reflection where he mentions his visit to a place called Ttukseom to clear his head and people-watch when he is overwhelmed with life and work. And the characteristic word ‘namjooning’ stems from exactly these kinds of experiences.

As per the urban dictionary, namjooning is “the act of feeding your mind and soul by doing the things you love.” In this context, it applies to the adventures that Namjoon likes to go on to unwind from the daily thrum of life and rediscover the likes of work-play balance.

We have compiled a list of activities RM does as part of his namjooning:

An Art Savvy

Being a musician himself, it is not uncanny of him to find interests in other forms of art. Namjoon has made his love for art obvious through his social media posts and vlogs of him visiting art museums in different countries around the world. Recently, he also mentioned that his style inspirations are contemporary South Korean painters, Kim Whanki, and Yun Hyong-Keun.


Not being a driver’s license holder by choice, Namjoon prefers bicycles as a mode of transport. Especially where he currently resides, the Seoul Metropolitan offers Ddareungi or the Seoul Bike, the city’s bike-sharing system across areas around the Han River and other parts. He has mentioned multiple times in his lives how he loves using them to travel from-and-to work and enjoys it rather than sitting in the traffic. He also biked with his fellow bandmates in New Zealand as part of their travel-style reality show Bon Voyage season 3.



RM can rarely be found without a book in his hands, whether that is backstage during performances or long flights or simply, on his days off. He is an avid reader and often pulls inspiration for his songwriting through reading. He has mentioned his search of quiet yet ambient parks and cafes to read in, doesn’t reading in a park sound like a lovely way to spend your time?

Hiking Natural Trails

As an earth sign, it isn’t surprising that he loves being closer to nature. Hiking seems to be one of his ways of keeping fit and attaining mental peace. In one of the Run BTS episodes, although it was a penalty, we can see that both Namjoon and Taehyung enjoyed their hiking trip to the Achasan mountain to watch the sunrise.


Bonsai Enthusiast

Gardening is another trademark activity of namjooning. RM has shown a specific liking to the art of bonsai and apparently also got a painting made for his growing bonsai plant. He must take care of his plants like they are his babies by mentioning often that he must water his plants. A refreshing errand for sure!

Love for little creatures of the sea

Last but not the least, his appreciation for sea animals. He is a crab lover and dislikes seafood. Any time the band is by the sea or the ocean or even lakes, he is found chasing crabs and small fish and talking to them in a baby voice. A sweet, child-like side of the leader that we all love.

The importance of nurturing these tiny happiness-inducing pastimes is felt even more in times like now when we can approach them with a sense of hope. A hearty congratulations to the wise man entering the latter half of his twenties, we hope to learn more from you!

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Written by Mythili Devarakonda

21, writer, reader, music enthusiast, and more.


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