Israeli actress, trailblazing feminist and renowned artists’ muse Meital Dohan is a multi-talented, creative force to be reckoned with!

Famous for her role as Yael Hoffman on the hit Showtime series Weeds, starring in the Israeli reworking of Ugly Betty and Dana Adam Shapiro’s dramatic thriller movie Monogamy and hit singles Yummy Boyz and On Ya (featuring Sean Kingston) the acclaimed, multi-award wining performer looks set to wow art lovers in London this month as she teams up with friend, and long-term collaborator, Zoobs Ansari for a brand new portrait exhibition.


Insanity Fair will be the first first exhibition of work in London by British artist Zoobs Ansari since his move to Los Angeles in 2014.

The starting point for Insanity Fair is the notorious quote from Andy Warhol‘In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes’ – a prophecy which has translated for many raised on the 24-hour media of our digital age into an aspirational life-goal worth having. Zoobs turns a dark mirror on this obsession with celebrity and asks if the reality of fame might really be a price worth paying?


Famed internationally for his striking multi-media artworks, which range from video and photography to collage and painting, the exhibition is an opportunity for London audiences to see a collection of more than thirty works created by Zoobs over the last 6 years.

Curated by Jenny Christensson, and featuring striking portraits of celebrities and figures from the world of fashion and music, including John Lennon, Amy Winehouse and David Bowie, Insanity Fair runs for three weeks at Elephant West in Greater London.


Born in Givatayim, Israel, Meital Dohan developed her passion for all things performance art as a teenager growing up in Ra’anana, joining the Israel Defense Forces Entertainment Corp, serving in the I.D.F theater, before enrolling at the Nissan Nativ School of Acting.

Upon graduating in 1998, Dohan went on to join various theatre groups where she landed starring roles in stage versions of Best Friends, Romeo + Juliet and Bad Children – winning multiple awards, accolades and critical acclaim for her work.

In 2003, Meital was invited by American director Karen Shefler to play the role of the bride in the Off-Off-Brodaway production of Lorca’s Blood Wedding at the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center in New York City.

From there, Dohan has gone on to enjoy an an unparalleled, successful international career that most performers can only dream of, achieving great things in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

We caught up with the enigmatic performer to talk friendship, artistic collaborations, style heroes, Tran Meditation and making out with her pet tiger…

You’ve collaborated with Zoobs Ansari on ‘Insanity Fair’, how did this collab come about?

Zoobs and myself are close friends. Usually when we meet up, our creative juices just naturally start to flow. Often we we get carried away and find ourselves at 3am doing a video shoot or a photo shoot (laughs) so it was really during one of those explosive nights that we came up with the portrait that’s now in the exhibition.

It must be so much fun to work with friends – especially ones as talented as Zoobs?

Definitely. I really believe in Zoob’s talent and creativity, so besides always having fun together, we also come up with some beautiful art pieces.

I’m Too Sad To Tell You / Video portrait of Meitel Dohan x Insanity Fair

We’re just weeks away from from the exhibition opening – how do you feel ahead of it’s unveiling to the public?

I’m really excited for Zoobs, but I’m also a little sad though as I can’t be there.

What would you like visitors to take away from their experience at ‘Insanity Fair’?

I guess really the gift of seeing art up, close and personal. I would love for people to really connect with it, and feel of stronger, inspired and maybe see life from another angle as a result.

Do you have a favourite image or piece in the exhibition?

Do you know, I don’t really don’t, because it’s hard to compare any of Zoobs work, as he has so many great pieces… they all feel really conceptual and visually stunning.

‘Insanity Fair’ was inspired by the famous Andy Warhol quote “in the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes, it’s kind of scary how accurate Warhol was in his predictions! What is your take on fame / celebrity and the rise of social media stars in 2020?

Today everyone is famous, fame inspired and occupied by the thought of achieving fame and glory – there seems to be this constant chase for it. And once social media became a part of our social status, and a way to interact with one another, it’s seems like the desire for it is even greater than ever! We are all chasing the dream of being ‘perfect’, yet we forget that the whole beauty in art and life is humanity and being fragile, exposed, and sensitive. Life is like the low and high tides of the sea, it’s all part of nature, so maybe we should show it all.

“We are all chasing the dream of being ‘perfect’, yet we forget that the whole beauty in art and life is humanity.”


We LOVE your sense of style – you obviously love dressing up and experimenting with your look! Is fashion one of the ways in which you like to express yourself?

Oh thanks so much! I definitely like to wear whatever makes me shine and feel like sunshine.

Who’s your ultimate style crush?

I love Gwen Stefani’s sense of style – classic pin up and moderately provocative. We mentioned him earlier but Andy Warhol also, because when you really think about it, some of the finest artists of all time have effected and influenced style trends, so I’d say Warhol, Marina Abramovic, Steven Klein and Hockney too.

What are some of your top make up tips that you can share with Fuzzable readers?

Well, usually I don’t like to wear foundation, but honestly I like to look like a different person everyday, because I feel like a different person everyday, so I would encourage anyone reading this to just experiment with makeup, and use it as a way to reflect your mood and feeling.

You recently had a cameo part in the film Cabaret Maxime – can you tell us a little bit about the movie?

Well, it was directed by Bruno de Almeida, who is a really good friend of mine. I star alongside Johnny Ventimigliaand Michael Imperioli, two colleagues and friends of whom I’ve worked with in the past –  they are both brilliant actors and amazing people to work. But I guess the big surprise of all is that my pet tiger Charlie joins me on screen again and we perform an exotic dance number together!

We truly admire the work you do with the David Lynch Foundation, how did you first become involved with the organisation?

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Roth, (CEO of the David Lynch Foundation and author of the best selling book Strength In Stillness), he taught me Tran Meditation many years ago and I’ve been practicing ever since. I would always recommended it to friends and family, and now together with Alex Kutai (Head of the David Lynch Foundation in Israel) I’m working on the resilience project over there. Our main goal is to bring Tran Meditation to Israeli citizens who are in need, that will include women, soldiers, and citizen groups who live in areas that are at risk. 

“Our main goal is to bring Tran Meditation to Israeli citizens who are in need, that will include women, soldiers, and citizen groups who live in areas that are at risk.”


You’ve had such a varied and exciting career, what are some of your personal highlights so far?

Making out with my pet tiger Charlie in Cabaret Maxime for sure is the highlight of my career.

What plans do you have for the rest of 2020?

I’m about to fly out to Israel to film a new movie which I’m really excited about!.. with all that’s going on with the Corona Virus, I hope I can fly!

Insanity Fair opens at Elephant West in London THIS Friday, March 13th. For more details click here.


Written by philip_logan

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