Fuzzable Games: Final Fantasy XV and Me

Believe me when I say everyone here is rolling their eyes, me writing another Final Fantasy post? Sounds completely normal! But, Final Fantasy is a massive part of my life and you wouldn’t think it but, before the start of 2019 it wasn’t, apart from Final Fantasy XII and that all started with XV.

January 9th 2019, my friend Jess was at my house and we’d been obsessing over the fact Kingdom Hearts 3 was nearly upon us when she suggested Final Fantasy XV. Now, she’s been a massive Final Fantasy fan for most of her life so as I knew I really, really loved XII, I was completely ready to take on the new challenge. Honestly, I was not ready for how much this game would completely change my life and make me a better person.

The first thing that really drew me into the game was the characters. In Final Fantasy XV, you spend most of your time with the four main characters; Noctus, Prompto, Gladio and Ignis. From the very start, you immediately get attached to these characters, their friendship and their story. The story, at a glance, is about Prince Noctus who has to get to Altissia where his wedding to Lunafreya is going to be. However, on their way there, they are informed of an attack by Niflheim on their home city as they want to steal the control of the power of the Crystal that is powered by Noctis’ family. So, Noctis and his friends are sent on a quest to destroy the Niflheim and get the Crystal back.

Every single Final Fantasy game is completely different but Final Fantasy XV still felt so completely refreshing. Not just within Final Fantasy but within the world of JRPG’s. It has such an intricate, beautifully written narrative and I was hooked from the very start. And, even though I’m currently on my third play through of the game, I still find myself excited and blown away by the events in the game. I honestly go through so many stages when it comes to my favourite character in the game, but it is definitely either Noctus or Prompto.

Robbie Daymond and Ray Chase just bring these characters to life in such an incredible way. Robbie really shows how fun, charismatic but caring Prompto is especially when it comes to being with his friends and Ray really brings forth Noctus’ caring but can sometimes be lazy nature. I really love their voice acting not just in Final Fantasy XV but in their other projects too. Honestly, the four of the main characters are just brilliant and I absolutely love the chemistry the actors really managed to nail!

Although, it wasn’t just the main characters I found myself interested with. Lunafreya is such an incredible character, she’s so headstrong, beautiful and all around charming who definitely became my new gaming crush. Also, Ardyn, I found myself drawn too. He’s so charming and charismatic no matter what he’s actually trying to achieve and I can completely understand why he is so loved as a character.

Not only did Final Fantasy XV reignite my love for a series I have no idea why I abandoned, it also pushed me over to attend a convention called Kupocon which is a convention that has completely changed my life and honestly came at a time I really needed it. There is a massive sense of family within the Kupocon community and I am so thankful that it is in my life even if sometimes seeing Noctus cosplayers makes me want to cry. If you know, you definitely know.

I’ll never be able to fully put into words why this game is so important to me. I played it when my mental health was at one of the worst lows it’s ever been at and I am so thankful that it really helped me through that time. I know that when my depression is back at its worst, I can stick this game on and be immersed in this world that I love so, so much. I know these characters aren’t real but they feel like they’re my friends, that they are there to lift me up when I need them too.

I’d like to thank not only the actors who bought these characters to life but also Square Enix, a gaming company that will always hold the most special place in my heart.

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