Fuzzable Faves: Michael Sutthakorn

There really is no better feeling than watching a local artist grow and grow. Knowing that you support someone from where your from, it makes it special when you see them live or do a cover!

My Fuzzable Fave is an artist called Michael Sutthakorn. A 19 year old musician, Michael started off busking in the streets of Belfast and continued to grow since then. In his music career so far, he has been in several bands and now is embarking on a solo career.

I’ll admit I wasn’t aware of who Michael was until I was at a gig he was performing at a few years ago and there seemed to be a lot of girls freaking out over him. I asked them who he was and the response was ‘DO YOU NOT KNOW?!’ I genuinely didn’t, which was surprising because I normally know every band about.

When he came on stage and did his set, one song he sang that particularly stood out for me was 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘She Looks So Perfect.’ I instantly just loved his voice. It was a unique voice. I checked out more of his covers on social media and I was genuinely impressed – and quite shocked I still had no knowledge of who he was prior to that gig.

So I guess you could say that’s how I came across Michael. Since that gig, I was constantly listening to his covers. When I found out he had joined a band with Jordi Whitworth and Joey Devries – who previously were in Overload Generation – I was sort of wary. Michael had been in MAD before and I wanted this band to be a success for him.

When I found out the three members were doing a meet-up, I had to go! It was a funny day, a day I never will forget, for many reasons. Michael, Jordi and Joey were extremely late but they still made sure they made time for everyone who went to the meet-up.

After the band split, Michael continued doing gigs to make a name for himself. Honestly, if you ever get the chance, make sure you get to one of Michael’s gigs! He is one of the sweetest, most talented and down-to-earth people you will ever meet.

Michael has so much time and respect for the people who support him, something I feel is lacking with many musicians and singers in the music industry today. He uses his social media platforms to regularly thank the people who support him. In particular, when he brought out his debut single ‘Trouble’ in January, he was extremely grateful to those who had bought the track and supported him.

I happened to see him when I was out and about – it was completely unexpected. Even though I could tell he was in a hurry, he talked to me and got a photo, which was so nice!

Michael’s first headline gig in Belfast was INSANE! It was one of the best gigs I have ever been to. It had a relaxed atmosphere to it, and he also brought over some of his friends from England to support him – Nous Boi, Jack Morlen and Ryan Lawrie – which made the gig even more special. Even though a member of staff tried to rush everyone along during the meet and greet, Michael took his time with everyone, which further shows how much he values the support he receives.

That’s my Fuzzable Fave: Michael Sutthakorn, one of the loveliest people you will ever meet, who is extremely talented and down-to-earth.

Make sure you check out one of his recent covers here:


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