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Fuzzable Faves: Josh Taylor

One of my Fuzzable Faves is Josh Taylor. Josh regularly supports artists on their tours, however has also embarked on several of his own headline tours around the UK and Ireland.

I’ve always loved Josh Taylor. When I’ve seen him perform live, he puts on such a performance that you can’t help but have a huge smile on your face the whole time, while your singing and dancing. His gigs are one of the few places where I don’t have to hide my inner weirdness, and I’m not judged for it.

I have a lot of respect for Josh because of what he did for me, and if anyone ever says that Josh Taylor doesn’t care for his fans, then I tell them what happened with me and they immediately take back what they said.

It was a few months after my surgery and I was still very weak. It had been announced that Josh was supporting Irish band Taken in Belfast, but tickets were sold out. I had really wanted to see Josh, and I used all my strength to go to the venue to try and see him. Josh’s Dad told us to go round the side and he would see if he could get Josh to come out quickly before his performance.

I went round the side, but his Dad came out and said he didn’t realise Josh was on stage so soon and that he would definitely come out after. He told me to hang around, so I did. I waited about half an hour and his Dad came out and told me to go round the side and Josh came out. I was in absolute shock, I explained what had happened and that I was gutted I couldn’t get to the show. He was asking me how I was and signed one of his posters for me and got photos.

A group of girls ran outside screaming and pushed me out of the way, but Josh told me to come inside because I was panicking because they kept pushing me. At this point, I hadn’t got photos and Josh said that he could only get photos with me and asked the girls to be more careful. I spent about ten minutes with Josh and it was absolutely amazing.

Later that day, I tweeted him my photos, thanking him for coming out to see me, and he tweeted me back, which made me so so happy. It was so kind of him to come out and see me, and I’ll never forget it.

I saw him on his ‘Hot For Me’ tour and I said that I was the girl he came outside to see in February when he supported Taken, and he remembered me and asked how I was keeping – which was so lovely of him and I was so happy that he had remembered me after all those months!

I can’t wait to see what the future brings for Josh and I’m proud to support him. He is very talented, a great performer, and for those reasons, he is my Fuzzable Fave!

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