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Fuzzable Faves: Joey Devries

One of my Fuzzable Faves is Joey Devries. He is best known for appearing on The X Factor as part of Overload Generation and supporting Little Mix as a solo artist on the second leg of their ‘Get Weird’ UK and Ireland tour.

It’s hard to even begin with why I chose Joey as one of my Fuzzable Faves. I’ve been supporting him for several years now, and during this time, I have watched him go from strength to strength – being in a band to going solo to supporting one of the biggest girl bands on tour. It does make me proud to say that I support him.

Today, many artists forget where they came from, but Joey has never been like that. He has never forgotten about his fans, and makes gig tickets/CDs/merch as cheap as possible to his fans can get to see him perform live. Joey regularly does tours, a good way for fans to hear his new music and older music.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Joey three times now. The first time I met him is such a blur – I remember panicking and he told me to stay strong, and that meant so much to me. To hear that from someone I had supported for such a long time was a brilliant feeling and something I’ll never forget. Something that struck me was how down-to-earth Joey is with fans. He takes time to hear about how he has helped them, and is genuinely touched when he hears such stories.

In addition to being so kind to fans, he regularly does tweet and DM sprees on Twitter, allowing fans the opportunity to talk to him on a more personal level. He has regularly tweeted that he is always there for his fans, which is incredibly endearing.

I also really enjoy the music he makes. Joey doesn’t have a set style of music that he infinitely uses, he varies in his style. One of my personal favourites is ‘Back Together,’ as it’s a very emotional song and the story told within the song is incredible.

Joey is also really really good live, and if you ever have the opportunity to see him live, you should definitely try and see him. I’ll never forget that on his 2015 tour, when he performed ‘Never Ever,’ all the support acts came out and were dancing with the crowd and then they got up on stage and were dancing with Joey. He regularly tries to do gigs in smaller, intimate venues and has recently embarked on a signing tour around the UK to meet fans.

Joey is always looking for ways to meet fans and he is one of the most kind-hearted artists you will meet today, who always has time for those who support him. And for those reasons, he is my Fuzzable Fave.

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