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Blake Jenner: How a character/show can do more for you then people know.

Glee. Everyone has heard of this show and most have watched at least one episode. But to me and so many others, Glee is so much more than just a TV show. When Glee started back in 2009, I was in year six, I was ten and I already knew that this show was so special. The show’s main theme along with the music (obviously) was acceptance. Something that I didn’t know I’d need as much as I did until I started going through high school.

I loved and breathed Glee. My high school friends hated me because I talked about it so much. That show became my life and it still is such a huge part of me. I’m not ashamed to say that Glee is something that I will always re-watch, I’ll always turn to it for the guidance that I need. That show is incredible, it’s magical and it changed/saved so many lives of people who watched it. Glee is something that I needed and I still need to this day. These last few weeks, I’ve felt like I’ve completely lost myself. My mind and body just don’t seem to be with each other and in the right place. And, that’s when I knew that I needed it again. It takes some of the pain and numbness away for a couple hours and I love it for that.

But, Glee isn’t just about it’s wonderful covers and it’s relatable story lines, it’s also about its characters. When it came to series four, I was a little nervous about them introducing a new cast. And, those nerves carried on until episode five when Ryder Lynn danced onto the scene. As soon as I heard him sing Juke Box Hero, I knew he would be my favourite character and I just fell in love.

I didn’t watch many episodes of The Glee Project. But, the episodes that I did watch, I knew I wanted Blake Jenner to win and become part of the cast. His voice is beautiful and his adorable personality just seemed to draw me in. So, when I tuned in for the last episode, I was so thrilled when he won. And, I was really looking forward to how he was going to fit into the cast.

I found Ryder Lynn to be just such an incredible edition to an already wonderful cast. My favourite thing is honestly the journey he went on. Especially when it came to understanding and accepting Wade “Unique” Adams. It was a journey that was so important in the series and to the viewers because accepting everyone is so important and sometimes, people seem to find that difficult. As well as his journey of talking about what happened to him and how he needed help through that. And, his journey of accepting that he had dyslexia. Ryder was such an important character and I’m so thankful for him and Blake Jenner’s performance of him.

And, like I said, Glee is obviously also hugely about the music and I love his voice. Everybody Hurts will always be one of my favourite Glee covers and such an important one. Blake’s voice in it is absolutely stunning and always brings me to tears. The two “Grease” episodes will always remain two of my favourite Glee episodes. As that’s when Ryder was first introduced to the series. But, also because his portrayal of Danny Zuko is just one of my favourite things and he plays my favourite character from a musical perfectly.

So, that’s why I love Blake Jenner and his character Ryder Lynn. They both mean the world to me and I’m forever thankful to Glee for introducing me to such an incredible actor.

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