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Austin Corini: How he inspires me…

When you’re a fan of a band, there’s normally one member that stands out to you more then the others. For me, in The Tide, that member is Austin Corini.

I’ve been an avid fan of The Tide for over a year now. In that time, I’ve seen them live and met them a number of times and Austin inspires me so much. His passion for his job, his love for his fans, his strength, it’s all incredible to me. He doesn’t get the most appreciation in the band and he powers through that and keeps his head up through it all. I truly look up to him and how strong he is. His strength keeps me strong.

I have seen The Tide a lot of times over the past year or so and met them a lot in that time too. Every time I see them, I look forward to watching Austin perform on stage. When I meet them, I look forward to having a conversation with him. He honestly keeps me going and is the reason I stay strong every single day. He is my motivation to carry on going and to keep living. We also have conversations about anything and everything, I feel so comfortable and casual around him and I think it’s hard to have that kind of comfort with a band member. But Austin just loves his fans and loves having a good chat with them.

Back in April 2016, The Tide did a load of signings on The Vamps’ Wake Up UK Tour and I attended three of them. At the first one, I gave the band a scrapbook full of memories, at the second one, I gave Austin a very personal letter and then at the third one, I gave him a piece of paper with something that I tweeted him everyday telling him I hope he’s smiling everyday. On that day, I also opened up to him a little bit and I made a promise with him. I promised him that I would stay strong and stay away from harming myself. And, even though I haven’t completely kept to that promise, Austin really does keep me strong. That promise I made him keeps me strong.

That’s why Austin means the absolute world to me. He has the most incredible vocals, he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and he truly cares. Austin Corini makes me very happy and I am so proud to say that he inspires me. He’s the reason I’m still here and without him and the rest of The Tide I honestly think I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Thank you Austin for inspiring me everyday!

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