Fuzzable Exclusive Interview: Corella

Last month we introduced you to one of our new favourite bands – Corella!

With their cool, individual style and powerful indie anthems the quartet made up of best mates Joel, Ben, Jack and James, are a band we simply demand you check out.

Fresh from playing headline summer shows in London and Manchester, we caught up with the lads to talk about their love of playing live, new music, the importance of artists still making albums and what they hope to achieve before the end of the year…

You’ve just played SOLD OUT shows in both London AND Manchester, how did they go?

We always love to play in front of any crowd, but to have both these shows sold out, for us, was phenomenal.  The feeling we get from playing is incomparable, we just want to be doing it 24/7.

What were some of your personal highlights during the shows? Where there any songs / moments that went down particularly well that surprised you?

Both shows were special. We had a great reception to our new unreleased single in London, but I’d have to say in Manchester when we played a really stripped back version of ‘See The Day‘, which was one of the first songs we’d ever written together, it was very touching to see people singing it back.

London and Manchester are two cities steeped in musical history – so it’s an incredible achievement to be playing your own shows there, did you get a moment to take it all in and think ‘wow, look at what we’re doing?’

We only realise the impact our music has on people when we see the reaction on their faces and the excitement in the crowd. After the show had finished and people were queueing up to see us it really didn’t feel real… for us, that takes a few days to sink in!

Your latest single ‘Dice’ is quite a departure musically from your previous releases, what inspired this change?

Our ‘sound’ has shifted and taken a more driven approach. We’ve added more elements to this song, more than we have previously, as we want to better ourselves each time. 

You’ve been together 3 years now, how has your approach to making music changed?

We feel like everything has to be a lot more considered. Every single part of the song is important and attention to detail is key.  The music scene is incredibly competitive, so to find our own authentic sound and stamp our mark, is vital to set us aside from other bands. 

Do you each have specific roles in the recording studio?

We all contribute collectively to each others parts to get the best sound overall.

As ever there is always discussion as to whether or not albums are relevant, or even viable, in 2019 with the rise in popularity of streaming… what are your thoughts? And can we expect an album from you guys anytime soon?

Albums are 100% important. It shows a body of work that was written through a certain time in an artists career. With our current development of songs we could definitely tie them together to create an album we are proud of. 

Somewhat of a cliche question but who are some of your musical inspirations individually and as a band? And how, if it all, do those inspirations influence the music you make?

We all have slightly varied inspirations that contribute collectively to the Corella sound! Bands wise we like FOALS, Bombay Bicycle Club, KOL, Palace, Two Door Cinema Club, Island. Rhythm sections can be influenced by wider genres and we take elements of other music and add them to our own.

Are there any bands / artists currently or from the past that you want to emulate or go down a similar path as?

The bands that we grew up listening to have been an inspiration for us as they have developed their sound overtime but are still current today. 

As a group do you have a bucket list of things you want to achieve together or do you just take things one day at a time?

It’s important to set short term goals together as they form as one end goal. Playing shows to a mass of people has always been a big one for us, we absolutely love it. Selling out an arena tour would be pretty special! 

As we come to the end of summer 2019 what have been some of your highlights and what have you got planned for the rest of the year?

Festivals are always one of the main highlights to us, we used to attend them and now we get to play them… it’s unreal. Our recent sold out headline shows in Manchester and London was incredible, we want more of that! Upcoming we have a show at Scala London supporting The Snuts which we are excited about, and then more releases!

Did you see Corella play live this summer? Have you been listening to their music? Head over to Twitter @Fuzzable and let us know your thoughts!

Written by philip_logan

Contact: logan_philip@hotmail.com Twitter & IG: @philip_logan

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