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Fuzzable Brings You Stay-at-home Halloween Guide

How many times have you read an article that starts with “[insert holiday] will look a little bit different this year”? At Fuzzable, we hate to sound like a broken record but it’s true, Halloween is expected to look a little bit different in 2020. Although traditional costume parties, trick-or-treating, and haunted houses are not on the agenda, there are a number of Halloween activities that can be completed in the comfort of one’s own home. This Halloween, practice a socially-distanced celebration by trying out some activities from Fuzzable’s stay-at-home Halloween guide.

Carve pumpkins

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Stay-at-home order or not, carving pumpkins has always been a popular at-home activity during the Halloween season. Pick up a couple pumpkins on your next grocery store run and start getting creative! With the extra time at home, don’t be afraid to say goodbye to the classic triangle-eyed face and instead, take a risk with your design. Elevate the pumpkin carving experience by turning it into a contest among family and friends, either within your social bubble or over Zoom.

Dress up

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Who says you can’t dress up for Halloween this year? Just because you can’t show off your costume in person, doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up for yourself. Pull out a costume from a past Halloween, order one online, or make one yourself. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have just as much fun with it as you would any other year. Model the costume around your house, speak in character all night, and of course, have a photoshoot for Instagram.

Get decorating

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Halloween decorations are essential to create the perfect vibe of the night. Whether you get your decorations online or in-store, or decide to do some DIY décor, put in the effort to create the perfect spooky space. Don’t forget to put out the pumpkins you carved!

Host a movie night

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Did somebody say movie marathon? Halloween is the perfect time to stay up late and watch all of your favorite Halloween-themed movies. This is especially true this year since you’ll have all of Sunday to sleep in. If you’re feeling brave, turn on the horror movies. If scary is not for you, there are plenty of Halloween comedies or fall-themed rom-coms that you can choose.

Make Halloween snacks

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You can’t have a movie marathon without snacks on the side. There are tons of recipes for Halloween-inspired snacks online, ranging from easy to hard. Try making or Miss Candiquik’s strawberry ghosts or Pillsbury’s crescent mummy dogs. Speaking of Pillsbury, if DIY snacks are not up your alley, pop a tray of Pillsbury’s Halloween sugar cookies in the oven for a nostalgic treat.

Have a ghost photoshoot


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♬ Oh Klahoma – Jack Stauber

Ghost photoshoots have taken over TikTok. The popular trend involves people putting a white sheet over their head, accessorizing with a pair of sunglasses, and taking to the streets for photos. The city, empty streets, and backyards have all served as backdrops for ghost photos. People’s pets and even Oreo cookies have gotten in on the photoshoot!

Create a spooky playlist

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What’s Halloween without a soundtrack to go with it? There are so many great Halloween songs that deserve their time to shine on October 31. If you’re putting together your own playlist, take a look at Fuzzable’s favourite Halloween songs of all time.

Keep the treats

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Halloween 2020 may be lacking the trick-or-treating and trick-or-treaters, but nothing says that there can’t be any treats. Buy a box of your favourite Halloween candy and indulge. Nobody will know how many Sour Patch Kids you ate if you’re home alone. Besides, you deserve it!

What are your plans for Halloween this year? Will you be trying any of our suggestions? Tweet us @Fuzzable to let us know!

Written by Kendra Seguin

Aspiring journalist and Price is Right contestant.

Instagram: @kendraseguin
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