Fuzzable Blogs: September 24 – Did I just get a cat?

My roommate and I were just relaxing in our apartment one Friday night when I heard a distressed meow coming from outside. I feed a lot of the street cats in our neighbourhood so I immediately rushed out in my slippers and pyjamas to check the situation out, my initial instinct saying that one of the cats got hit by a car. It wouldn’t have been the first time, since we live next to a busy street and the drivers are reckless, especially towards animals.

The meowing stopped a few seconds before I stepped out, and I was relieved to find that nothing had happened outside. The streets were clear, and there wasn’t a single living being in sight.

I turned away and started walking towards my flat once again, but there was a bad feeling in my gut, as if it was telling I had missed something, so I turned back and started searching and calling for the cat. And then after a while, she came out and ran towards me, visibly shaken. Every single cat in my neighbourhood has a variation of black and white fur, but the cat in front of me was a brown tabby, so I was gently petting her and trying to determine where she came from. She was clearly relieved to see a human, but then a car drove by and she was so petrified that she made a run for it, barely avoiding getting hit by the same car. I ran after her and scooped her up in my hands, knowing that her fear would get her killed on the streets, and I brought her over to my apartment.

And that is the story of how I got a cat.

I had absolutely no intention of keeping her, and I brought her in only because I knew she’d get hurt sooner or later, and that she was somebody’s pet. I assumed the owner would be looking for her, so I posted her pictures on Facebook pages and groups, hoping someone would reach out. It took three days until I accepted the fact that no one was looking for her, and by that time I had fallen in love with her.

The thing about this cat is that she was definitely someone’s pet, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why someone would kick her out. It’s evident by her behaviour that she was an indoor cat- she’s tame, well-fed, clean, she’s terrified of cars, she knows her way around an apartment, she knows how to use a litter box, and she feels more comfortable around humans than any other street cat I’ve met. There are other, more subtle telltales that indicate she was once a loved pet, and I’m only able to identify them because of the fact that my house has been a temporary home for a lot of outdoor cats.

She’s beautiful, both inside and out. Her eyes are a mesmerising blend between green and yellow. Her brown spotted tabby coat isn’t short or long, meaning it’s long enough to add softness, and short enough that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. This cat is just the perfect balance of playful and cuddly, which is something I’ve never seen in a feline, though this may be due to the fact that I’ve only ever housed street cats.

So now that she’s officially staying with me, I’ve decided to name her Lady Sif because of her uncanny resemblance to the epic character from the Marvel universe. An elegant lady with perfect posture, but also a noble warrior with experience in the fine art of battling.

If I’m being truthful, the original plan was for her to stay with me until I can find her a good home, but I’m a bit more reluctant of parting with her than I initially was. While she’s doing wonders for my mental health during studies, I’m not exactly sure how she’ll fit in with my busy lifestyle. I’m still on the lookout for good homes for her. As much as I’d like to keep her, I think I’d be doing her a favour if I found someone who’s not living and constantly travelling between two cities, someone who’s not outside for a massive portion of the day, and someone who’s not on the verge of getting kicked out of an apartment.

But for now, we’ll just be enjoying each other’s company and see where destiny takes us.

P.S.- If you’re by any chance interested in adopting this little furry ball of sunshine and giving her a good home, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (my username is @azra2371) and we’ll see if we can strike a deal.

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Written by Azra

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