Fuzzable Blogs: September 12th – Here’s what a “busy” person’s blog post looks like

Here we are, it’s September again, which means a new school year for me and for everybody else (well, almost).

But this year isn’t just a typical school year for me. It’s my last year of high school and my last year in my motherland.

I am scared, I am nervous and I am excited. Three very different but also very similar feelings. New adventures, new problems and worries, new life. It’s terrifying but also exciting. I want all of that but I’m also afraid. On the other hand, one clever woman once said:

“It’s important what you want, not how you feel.”

I’m pretty sure you’re a smart person and probably have already got my point. I am busy. Very busy. Busy AF studying for my finals and being nervous… and scared. That also means my brain is full and there’s absolutely no space left for any other things. A proper, creative idea for a good blog post too, by the way. That being said, here’s what a ‘busy’ person’s blog post looks like.

Here is my last week, as told by gifs. Enjoy.


 it pennywise devious it movie scary clown GIF

Doctor Who doctor who monster sarah jane smith zygon GIF

P.S. I am the pink monster.


Identity memes rhoa real housewives of atlanta hide GIF



 angry computer office frustrated working GIF


 annoyed hate ugh frustrated jack nicholson GIF

 community upset frustrated shirley the lord is testing me GIF



 happy fun party birthday excited GIF



 dancing halloween pumpkin dance the pumpkin dance GIF

Also, me during fall. Because Halloween, duh.



 vs mr pennywise bean GIF

See you next month!


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